Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Stampede at my local Target for Missoni. Score one for Target for getting them into the store!

I thought I was early..... I wanted to get a good look at the Missoni Line for Target and post an update on my blog, well.... I was  very late. The clothing racks were cleared out, all of the home items were gone, no bags, no luggage nothing. Women were walking around the store some looking a bit sheepish with shopping carts piled high with anything......I mean everything and anything.
It was shocking to see this much consumption during at such a difficult time in our economy but it also meant that certain segments of the population are not feeling any effects of the recession, it was shocking. Or to be fair,  it could also mean that so many people are out of work that sellign Missoni online to people all over the world is a great prospect.
I got my lip gloss and proceeded to the cash register where I was sandwiched between many women with carpets, rugs, boxes, clothing all Missoni.
The cashier told me that a lot of women told her that they would be selling their goods on EBAY, well there will be lots of choice on EBAY folks and I suspect that there will be lots of returns too, either because of very angry spouses or just plain old reality. It is a jolt though to learn that while some people are working to pay bills and keep their children on the straight and narrow other people out there are just having splurges at Target.
Some reality.

Happy Shopping folks!

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