Sunday, October 31, 2010

In Praise of Brushes

Maybelline Expert Tools Face Brush, 1ct
During the summer I sat next to a lovely woman at the nail salon who give me a  great brush tip. As soon as my budget allowed the test was on.

She told me a make up artist from Mac told her that she applies everything to her face with brushes.


Eye cream, moisturizer,foundation, concealer.  She never uses her hand on her face to apply anything.

For many years I applied foundation with a brush. It still continues to give the most natural coverage. The best coverage.
I applied concealer with my finger tips following the beauty tips of other make up artists, who always advised that warm hands help with coverage and easy absorption.

Based on the great results I had with my foundation I decided to experiment with this new tip.

I am in wk 4 of applying moisturizer, day and night to face and neck, concealer and eye creme.

 It was the best thing I have ever done.
The  moisturizer reaches and sinks into every crack and crevice on my face. \
Every laugh line and any new ones on my face or neck. The final look is clean and natural.
 I can monitor the amount of creme applied, saving money too, now this I love!

It is amazing for the eye creme and concealer application since the brush gets up under the lashes.

It may be a bit tedious at first but it is worth the effort and money you save.
As for how I can do this with a 4 year old?
Very, very early in the morning!

Try it today! Amazing results!

Walmart has some great Walmart brand brushes in the make up aisle. Great prices for great brushes.
or Sonya Kushuk at Target.

Sonia Kushuk

Magnetic Cosmetic Organizers

To help keep brushes clean, use a magnetic holder and wash often with shampoo or eye makeup remover.

What will they gain? or lose? Toddlers and your IPhone

Toddlers and IPhone

I went to a local musem over the weekend and saw parents give Ipad.  to child to play with. parents are so proud that their kids use the phone or pad.
To give or not.

The Wonderful World of Z

Z Gallerie

Z Gallerie is one of my favorite furniture and accessory stores in the country.

They offer traditional and comtemporary lines with a light exotic touch.  They offer some of the best lighting around, both contemparary and traditional.

The prices are amazing and shockingly inexpensive.

The store layout is by color combinations. Current ones are lavender with brown, black with white and gray. Red with brown and creme. Each combo offers detailed insight, via furniture and accessories what it takes to design a room in your favorite color combinations. Everything from beds, pillows, clocks in the color scheme.

If you cannot afford to buy, spend an hour, browse and leave with a million tips on tabletop set up using your pieces at home. The dining table is their piece de resistance, the designs are outstanding.

Find one in your city,  I promise you will leave a different person and that may be due to a lighter wallet because of a large  purchase.

Facebook link below.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

How I'm Wired- Gadgets

"How I'm Wired" and the Shopping Directory were two of my favorite features of US Lucky magazine. They stopped both of them earlier this year probably due to ad page needs.

"How I'm Wired" featured women including celebrities of all ages who detailed different types of technology they like to use in their every day lives. It also included home appliances etc.

The choices included items they could not live without in their daily lives and future picks.

Their picks included phones, coffee makers,cameras, computers, battery operated votives,memory sticks and even vacumns.

 It was a great reference point for me. It kept me up to date on the latest gadgets.

I have to confess once I find something I like I will stick with it.
I have had the same Blackberry 8830 for the last 4 years, it serves me well why change it?  I do like the Blackberry Torch but refuse to get it because of the very poor service coverage from At&T, enough said. And then all the Android stuff... so much to consider.

Here is my wired wish list below..

BlackBerry Torch- Please go to Verizon!
Camera- anything a little faster than the one we have now. Kodak is great
 Russell HobbsTea Kettle- Russell Hobbs makes the greatest Kettle Combo for tea. We would love a new one for Christmas. We used the last one so much, it just died this week. Loved it.

I love the look of all coffee makers, would have one just for looks on the counter!
I am also fascinated by the IPAD but I cannot afford it plus a new computer. The IPAD does not have enough.


What are your Top "Wired" picks? Now and Future?

Looking forward to hearing from all of you.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

This is Serious- What are our options? Lingerie Feedback Requested please!

What are our options for a lineless panty ?

A friend told me today, she has tried them all including Sphanx and nothing works.

And really who wants to wear a thong every day?

A Tanga ? forget it!

If anyone has any suggestions please let the Blog know.

We need your feedback!

Cream of the Crop- Eucerin

One of my friends S recently returned to Toronto after a vacation in Florida.

The Florida sun, heat and sand  was wonderful for her mood but not her skin.

 A friend suggested and gave her a sample of Eucerin.

  It saved her skin. She said it was not oily, just silky, she loves it.

She recommends the large bottle with the pump, pile it on!

Cream of the Crop is available in all drugstores nationwide.


Eucerin Emulsion was created in 1900 by  German Dr Lifchutz. The first products were used to treatment cuts and burns.  In th sixties it was used solely for treatment at hospitals. In the seventies the company finally targeted customers in US advertising.
The company is still going strong today and is a favorite of people all over the world.

At Last ....

Low Heels

When was the last time we saw kitten heels on the runway ?
 or anywhere else ?

I know Fashion biz women talk about how sexy they are in heels all of that but....

the truth is they put on the highest heels to be photographed and then poof gone once they get into a car or taxi !

I would like to thank Giovanna Battaglia(Vogue Homme) and Anna Della Russo( Vogue Nippon)  for daring to wear Valentino kitten heels during the Spring 2011 shows.

Ladies, relief at last!

Valentino Kitten Heels

I must give credit to the lady who started the trend last year, Shala Monroque ( Art Dealer). Chic, Chic Chic.

Shala Monroque

See Shala in her kitten heels!


Link for Monroque from Jak and Jill Blog.

One More Time....

I admire my husband's discipline with his clothing.His side of our closet has looked  the same for as long as I have known him. Drawers are never crammed with clothing, no piles of clothing being sorted, separated and stored. His motto? "If I buy something new, something has to go away" .
 And much has been made of the new trend about women who have been living with 10 items of clothing for a few months. Even they have admitted that it took some mental adjusting.

That led me to back to the closet for another purge. I do not part with anything easily, I collect vintage, that should tell the story.
I decided to focus on reducing one item. Tee Shirts. Black Tees.
In my past retail life I wore black every day in NY because I wanted to and then I worked for a company and I had to. I always bought 2 or 3 at a time.

Time to purge

I went for the ones which shrunk,  had pills,and anything too form fitting.

The pile was high, there were 10 black, 2 gray, 2 white.

All you need :

2 Black
2 gray
2 white

and at least one color.
Buy 2 shirts for variety if you think you need more.

That should be enough for any season.  The drawers are practically empty.
Your bank account will thank you. Less is more!

Now on to the shirts....

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Question of The Week - What is your dream destination ? Disney not included!

Eiffel Tower Pictures South

Kids bring lots of joy to families but one small price we pay is  the large dent on our finances.
Many things you did as a single person or as a couple is a financial impossibility(unless you run up the tab on those credit cards).
We pay more attention to budgets, priorities change and travel goes to the bottom of the list.
Travel for emergencies and holidays to see family is taxing enough on any budget.
Once the children are over 2 years old, all bets are off.



As the holidays approach, travel kicks into high gear.
The survey below may help you to navigate the "friendly" skies.
The fees!

Airline Survey

My dream destination, and it was tough.... FRANCE, anywhere in France would be amazing. Paris yes!

Mean Little Girls

As the mother of a four year old girl, my radar was on full alert while reading the link  below.
This is an excellent article in NYT about bullies. This behavior among girls is on display as early as Kindergarten.

We all need to strive to ensure that WE monitor our behavior around our children.

It may have some serious long term effects on society. I always feel and see the competitive juices flowing when other moms are in competitive and team situations with their children. There must be a way to be competitive without being a bully.
 I think we all need to work together to raise strong,happy, healthy girls.

I already changed one behavior since reading this article, I was becoming a "hover mom" at the playground( and there are many). I "hover" no more.

Bullying in Kindergarten.

They have that certain something....

They have that certain something....

We are talking about French women again. We could talk about them for hours, the hair, the casual  unaffected air while looking like a million bucks.


Thank you Huffpost!

Three great books to read about French women and their lives.

All You Need to Be Impossibly French by Helena Firth Powell - Her writing is witty, flirty and a page turner.

All You Need to Be Impossibly French (click on the title to link)

French Women Don't Get Fat- Mireille Guiliano- How to balance work,family and fashion the French way.

French Women Don't Get Fat- (click on the title to link)

Woman's Guide to Finding her Inner French Girl- Debra Olliver

Woman's Guid to finding her Inner French Girl  (click on the title to link)

Pic above- Carine Roitfeld editor of French Vogue.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

For the colors of the rainbow Second to None Cream to Powder Foundation 6 Earth

Iman Second to None Creme to Powder Foundation is amazing if you are a woman of color.
Iman's line caters to all skin tones from light to dark.

This foundation comes in a beautiful compact with a sponge on the bottom slot, genius!

Wet the sponge and apply lightly it blends in like beautifully.

It gives natural even coverage.

Once again this product is genius and great for travel.

Ingenio by Smart Play

For moms with kiddies who are learning a second language. Ingenio by Smart Play has some really cool products. They are available at different sites such as Amazon etc. Try to Spanish Laptop or the puzzle, kids love it! My daughter has a great time with it.

Sitter,Pet Care, Tutor ,Housekeeping? Look no further

looking for a baby sitter in your area? Housekeeper? Tutor? Yes!!


There are different levels for fees but there is a free 7 day trial.

Everyone has background checks etc .


Just enter your zip code and go!

Bite Me! Revlon Just Bitten

Try Just Bitten by Revlon (Jessica Biel is the spokesperson). It is the best of the newbies on the market for the "natural bee stung look" .
Note they all need a little moisture on top, I use Eight Hour, Aquaphor or lip gloss.


Shine and Soothe

Neutrogena MoistureShine Lip Soother with SPF 20, Sparkle 45
I am always  searching for the perfect lip gloss. 
For me has  to be the right color for my lips and moisturizes them too.
After a long search, high and low priced brands I have finally settled on a drug store brand, Neutrogena.
All of the Moisture Shine Lip Soothers tubes glosses are amazing, they have such names as "Tint","Glisten","Gleam", each has a different color and texture. I have all of them! Each one is different and can be switched for day and night and can be used over lipstick.
Great stuff!

Who would have thunk it? Strapless Bras..try Walmart

I am always on the quest for a proper fitting strapless bra and I have tried many over the years. I always end up at the end of the day with one or both nipples exposed!
I decided to try Target after my expensive one from Nordstrom failed to do the trick.
Target has the worse lingerie department in the world. There is absolutely no maintenance and strapless bras are all push up and you have to really search for them! I have had enough, I walk around in circles and can spend hours there.
Walmart was the biggest shocker of them all. I visited the Walmart in Perimeter Altanta,GA and found all of the strapless bras in one section( not all over the world) and in order and sized!
 Help me!
I immediately snatched up two and ran to the register. I have tried both as cross backs , today is my first as a full strapless.
Stay tuned......

Update-- fantastic and still going strong!

Just Jo

English Pear & Freesia Cologne

I am an addict. I have worn every single cologne that Jo Malone of London has created over the last 10 plus years. My addiction knows no bounds.
The scents are amazing(not obstrusive but people always want to know what you are wearing), and I have worn scents I would have never worn before.
My husband always knew what to buy for my birthday, I currently alternate between 10 to 12 scents. And they are meant for layering.
There is not a lot of press and I like it that way, we KNOW Jo and that is enough.
Jo Malone started in London with a few face creams for friends and today she has a multi million empire that is now owned by Estee Lauder.
If you live in NYC, you can find it at Bergdorf or her free standing store off of 14th street.
They recently unveiled 5 new scents, where do I begin.
Pear and Freesia is the latest, my birthday is in 3 weeks!

Day 5 - Shu Umeura Lash Extension Mascara


Everything from the line is really great and the mascaras are no different. Fiber Lash was one of the first I used years ago.
It does not clump and is great for business professionals and everyday use.
Highly recommend.

Day 4- Maybelline Colossal Mascara

Definitely not colassal. Clumping not bad, but the look was average.... every day mascara.
Not for me. I did not like the brush, not much of anything and big.

Day 3- Maybelline Great Lash

No, did not prevent clumps and just was not so great. Lasted the day but not enough va va voom.
Bye, Bye. I know everyon makes a fuss about this mascara but not for me.

Day 2- Shu Uemura Mascara Test

I liked it, it lasted all day and stayed put after rubbing.
The brush is very simple and it gives a natural look, nothing fancy. It is a great school run/games/exercise  mascara, not over done. You may want to change it for night, it is great for daytime.
I vote this a great stand by.

Day 1- Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara

Lash Doubling Mascara

Did not make it, clumping not bad, but it has an almost spidery effect that I did not love. Plus by the end of the day the effect was definitely gone.
I did not use a primer(please note).
For some reason though, I like the brush, it is a plain simple great looking brush.
Next Up Shu Uemura Ulitmate Expression Mascara.

Five Day Test

Daily Candy just published their Mascara tests and there was not one L'Oreal mascara on the list! I hate to say this but sometimes this all comes down to who is giving them product and who their friends are.
So I have decided to do a seven day test with 7 different ones in my drawer.
Sorry, but I consider myself a mascara junkie, I have tried them all. I keep coming back to L'oreal as my pick as a drugstore brand and overall brand. They are all amazing whichever one you get.
I have decided to clean out my drawers and stick with L'oreal, Lancome Vibrating,Masterpiece Max( which you can only get from England and I have been hoarding),Fresh(inky,glossy and no clumps and Lancome Definicils.
So Day 1 tomorrow will be Clinique Lash Doubling, which was one of my favs but I think I can do without. My biggest peeve is clumping, so if they clump they will be gone.
I just tried the new one from Neutrogena, it went on fine but the brush is a little big, it left some residue on my brow.

Did we talk about Tory?

Tory Burch is a a superwoman, who I am sure has a lot of help:):)
Businesswoman and mom to 5 kids and still manages to look amazing. Help, loads of it, but I love her.
 The Reva ballet flats are now legendary and led to a ballet flat revolution that shows no sign of ending.

Without a doubt she has one of the best blogs on the net.

What do girls want? Price range 2k and up

This past Sunday in NY times, the wonderful Cathy Horyn had an article on what women ( translate... girls with lots of money) want for fall.
She interviewed some fantastic ladies who founded, co- founded great businesses, like Net A Porter and Shop Bop.
Everything they talked about was in the 2K and up price range. Things that the average woman in America cannot afford. We have to buy food first,clothes for the kids and then whatever is left over goes to schools, activities etc, let's be real here.
But then, we have to aspire to something right?
So I decided to see what I would like to buy on my $100 dollar budget for fall.
I am already over......
First is the coat from Land's End in Camel, that I have to have that runs over 100 already.
Then, the fab stripe boat neck tee from LE Canvas that runs about 30 bucks.
The great stacked boot from Boden( $250)
The one pant purchase? or maybe 2?  The Rib Stop cargo from J Crew and the Cropped black pant from Gap.
Last but not least, the best one of all the Carmel vest from TNF, my go to item all winter!
Those are my picks, I do not know where these folks are getting their money from but it may have a lot to do with credit. I look forward to seeing all the great stuff in the mags soon!
Happy Shopping all!

Just One Word for Ms Mercier.......

Laura Mercier Link

I have used Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer for over 20 years. I  have also used the secret camoflauge and lip tints. I am If I use a foundation,  it is Mercier. Her tinted moisturzer also does a great job as a foundation.
The tinted moisturizer was one of the first on the market and is still the best today. It gives an even, flawless, but natural coverage....but you look...finished....put together...and no shine. It is oil free and feels super soft  on the face.
If you have never tried anything Mercier make today your first!

Available at Sephora, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom.

The Greatest Oil in The World.

Solar Oil

It is called Solar Oil and  is made by CND(Creative Nail Design). It is really for cuticles but I KNOW it does its best work on heels.
I read an article years ago that quoted Dr Pat Wexler famous dermatologist who advised that it was the best thing for dry, cracked and scaly feet. I tried it and it was amazing.
But wow the price!!! Killer. It pains me to buy it but I do. 4 ozs is 10.95!  It contains almond oils and jojoba oils.
I have to tell you that I have tried everything else and nothing has ever worked as well on my rough scaly heels... like Solar Oil...... it is amazing

Beware When You Walk Thru The Door!

I am referring to the doors of the Container Store....the only things you should buy........ are the clear boxes for shoes and their closet systems. Everything else STOP are inventing things to store. Do not buy the kitchen storage containers, STOPPPPPPPP! this means you have too much in your pantry!!!
Do not buy the containers for seasonings, on the average cooking day, you use about 3 items...
Black Pepper
and maybe some Adobo seasoning...really!

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