Saturday, September 29, 2012

Anatomy of a trip to New York City - Laduree, Levi's, Baggus and Milk Bar ...
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I returned from a business trip to New York City yesterday and as I unpacked I realized that I was able to capture the essence of the city and the world with some of the items I purchased ( so typical of a trip to NYC) . I am so excited with my purchases, here is a quick recap of what I bought, in no particular order.

Happy Shopping! My apologies for the pictures, I hope to have a new camera very soon!

Levi's - Boyfriend Skinny    - close on the lower leg, slightly baggy on top, slight slouch as seen from Haider Ackerman - Look 5 Spring 2013.  Must be tried on for proper size and fit Macy's H Square NYC , I tried three sizes before settling on the 27, but I think the 28 would slouch some more so.......  If you cannot find them in stores buy a couple of pairs Levi's Selvedge Boyfriend Skinny Jeans - Resin Rinse try them at home, get the right fit and return the ones which do not work.

Laduree  - The best macarons in the world I requested delivery to my hotel and they arrived before I left my hotel to go to the airport. Rose is my favorite flavor. Deliveries only in New York City NY Link - Madison Ave. Their customer service is impeccable.

Nine West Black Suede booties - I have not been able to find these on line to attach a link.  They may have been exclusive to the new  Macy's Herald World's Largest Shoe Floor Square Shoe Floor New Shoe Floor Image - Macy's Herald Square in NYC ( I am feeling lucky now). These are similar Nine West Booties in gray.

Milk Bar Cookies - I had make a special trip to the east side to get some of the best cookies in NYC They also deliver within NYC, but we stopped and ate at first ( try the Ginger Scallion Noodles ). At Milk Bar try to Compost Cookie, The Cornflake Cookie and the Birthday Cake truffle. The Compost cookie is otherwordly.

Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara - Just hitting stores now, this Macy's In stores or On line , this is truly high impact. Tons of lashes and lots of glam, love it!

Joe Fresh ( the company which brought us the venerable Club Monoco) Pleather A Line Skirt in Burgundy -  ( color trending forward) - Joe Fresh has a mammoth store on 5th ave in NYC and I was giddy for a 30 minutes before I settled down and bought two items including this skirt in Burgundy. I will be wearing this fab classic foreverJoe Fresh Skirt- Black online but Forest and Burgundy in stores. ( no weight gain please!). At $39.00 well worth it! Wear with black booties and a turtleneck this year, next year....the following year... Store Locator - NYC only

H & M - Jeweled Collar available at H and M locations Freshen up and dress up a black or white tee and jeans. Perfect!  About 25 dollars.


just before boarding the plane at La Guardia.  They have revamped the retail stores near to the boarding area, dangerous is the only word I can use to describe the new stores.

Baggu - I was always to lazy to get these on line but there they were staring at me in the travel store so....I love these colors, these were my picks!  Baggu bags are super light and they are perfect for holding toiletries, books ( depending on size), pens, pencils, chargers and anything else. They are made with super durable ripstop nylon and best part is that they are machine washable! . The address for a store is NY

242 Wythe Avenue  Brooklyn, NY 11249
(800) 605-0759
Delfonics - Delfonics is a Japanese designer stationary company which started back in 1987 with a date book and they have been at it ever since. Their products are very hard to locate outside of the US and now they are at La Guardia airport!  The streamlined pens now come in beautiful pop colors and you can also purchase them online by the purveyors of all things cool, why J Crew of course!  Delfonic Pens at J Crew!  . I knew that my daughter would ask me if I brought anything back for Dad so this was the perfect gift!

The Brooklyn Bag by Maptote - The Maptote Story . My daughter needed a bag for her music lessons and this was a bag - We have family in Brooklyn and souvenir rolled into one. Made with 100% cotton, cut and sewn in Brooklyn NY! Love it!

Think I spent enough? :)

Happy Shopping!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Origins GinZing Brightening Mascara

At Macy's

E June Godrey sang the praises of this mascara a few months ago in Lucky Magazine Well, it has hit the stores and this mascara is outstanding. I tried it this morning, it does everything it says, it  brightens, lengthens, lifts and I have lashes for miles !!. Shiny, glossy Origins you rock!  The only mascara that comes close  in terms of glossy is Fresh. This is an excellent product.

Get it today and you will be batting those lashes every second :)


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dancer's Legs Workout

I work very hard to ensure that I stick to an exercise regimen ( at least 3 times each week, I get my heart rate moving) and watch my diet ( not so perfect at all believe me!).
Stress is my number one reason for getting up early to exercise. Exercise helps me to get my day started and gives me the energy to make it though a long day.The other factors? Diabetes, Hypertension and Breast Cancer must be considered because of my immediate family history. Then there is aging, trying to stay limber and of course vanity, I am going to fight aging every step of the way, every day.

I found this Workout on Pinterest and I have been doing it for the last 3 weeks.  If you try it,  at least 3 times a week, you will notice is the muscle tone which appears by the end of week 1, I swear!!
I utilize this routine after my morning walk or weekend run. Save some energy you will need a ton to make it through this workout. I think it works better if you have warmed up already with something else.  It will get your heart pumping. AFTER 5 jump squats my heart rate continues to climb like crazy for another five minutes,  the heart and the legs are getting a major workout. And, you will have fab legs for your leggings this fall.

Let me know if it works for you. If you are also doing Pilates and Yoga, this means super, beautiful legs. Don't forget to keep your tummy nice and flat during the entire workout.  Here's to beautiful "gams" ladies!

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