Monday, October 28, 2013

BBM and Blackberry get off to a Hot Start with Android and IOS! Go Blackberry!!

Goggle and Edith Head - Today in History.

Love the Google Icon today celebrating the amazing costume designer Edith Head

Edith Head - Born Oct 28th 1897

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

FashionMom: Quenchers - Moisturizers for Parched skin

FashionMom: Quenchers - Moisturizers for Parched skin: Winter temperatures have hit us in Atlanta this week.   The fashionable ladies around town are wearing boots now, and down vests and...

Tabitha Simmons for Toms

For a great cause and oh so stylish.....
Every time you buy a pair of Toms shoes a second pair is donated to a child in need. A fashionable collaboration for a great cause.

Buy Now

Tabitha Simmons

Buy Now

Definitely on my wish list.

Happy Shopping! 

Monday, October 14, 2013

Quenchers - Moisturizers for Parched skin

Winter temperatures have arrived... 
The fashionable ladies around town are wearing boots now, down vests and cashmere are on display during the school morning run.  It is time to call in the big guns, to help me make it through the winter months. These products below are relentless on winter skin leaving no dry patches or itchy skin. Quenchers. 


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Corfu - caught my imagination because of Gerald Durrell

Dispatch from London! 

From the moment I read My Family and Other Animals, Corfu was put on my list of places, "I had to visit". Reading the other two books, which continued to bring the island to life, cemented my slight obsession with the island.

This year I was finally able to make good on my promise to visit it one day.  Disappointed I was not!

A truly wonderful place with a history that includes occupation by the Romans, the Venetians (for some 500 years or so), the British (for about 50 years) which means that the layout of the towns is a splendid mixture of cobbled streets and narrow alleys to architecture that is Venetian and Byzantine, not to mention Parisienne in Corfu Old Town.

It is home to over 4 million Olive Trees which were the primary industry for the islanders for most of their past, and to this day practically every single family still relies on the olive tree for their income when the tourist season closes.

If you're wondering what there is to do in Corfu, the truth is that you're limited only by your imagination.  In addition to being a paradise for those who simply want to relax on a beach since there are so many from which to choose, it is also a haven for the more adventurous and active with a plethora of activities - from horseback riding, hiking, diving and snorkelling to sailing around the island and to other islands in the vicinity.

                                             Monastery of the Virgin of Vlachema, Corfu Town

Accommodation comes in all forms, from private rental apartments to all-inclusive deals all over the island, which is quite large.  There is definitely a north / south and east / west divide.  Staying in the extreme north of the island, which looks out to Albania, was a one-hour bus journey to the capital, Corfu Town.

Getting around the island is easy by public transportation. One simply needs to keep the bus timetables handy and be open to them running about 10 mins or so late. It does not appear as if there is a public transportation system for the south of the island. Renting a car is, of course, another way of traversing the island.

The Corfiots are friendly, welcoming people and were always happy to chat and talk about their island.

Sights and Sites

There are way too many sights and sites to talk about, however, here are a few of my favourites.

Looking at Albania from the North Coast of Corfu

Kalami Bay
Seeing this was a must because this is where Gerald Durrell and his family lived in the 1930s and actually where they still have a home.

Located in the North West of the island, travelling from the bottom to the top of this area on the narrow, winding road has to be experienced. To put into into perspective, this is the road on which the car chase in For Your Eyes Only was filmed.  Despite the hair-raising experience, the views are incredible. The photo below is a view looking down into one of the bays in the area.

Paxi and AntiPaxi
Taking a cruise to one or some of the many islands in the area is a must.  Here's some of the scenery along the way to Paxi and AntiPaxi.

Port of Paxi

Corfu Town
To visit Corfu and not spend some time in the capital, Corfu Town which is comprised of the Old Town and the New Town, would not do justice to your visit to the island.  There is much to see in do in the capital despite its size.  There are two fortresses, Byzantine cathedrals, Neo-Classical Palaces (well one), Roman ruins of cities, museums, excellent shopping...and the list goes on.

New Fortress against the new town

The Old Fortress

There is so much more to experience on this verdantly green island, from admiring the scenery inland and out to sea (the Ionian and the Adriatic seas border it), to eating wonderfully fresh food (seafood, vegetables,meats, pastries and cakes), not to mention the abundant flowers and plants everywhere, being able to sit in a local taverna and wander through sleepy towns and villages, it's impossible to fully describe the experience in one blog.

Suffice it to say, a trip to Corfu would definitely not go amiss for anyone, whether couples or families.  It's definitely a different world.

Inside Aphrodite's Cave

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tory Burch Beauty

If you could not afford a pair of Tory flats or a Tory bag before, this is your chance to own something from the amazing Tory Burch.

She has launched.....drumroll please....

Tory Burch Beauty

TB has launched a Signature Fragrance and Beauty Line. In typical Tory fashion the fragrance and packaging is impeccable and the line is guaranteed to be a smashing success I am sure.

The line consists of

Lip Color
Body Lotion
Body Creme
Bath and Shower Gel
Face Brush and
Lip and Cheek Tint of course for that natural Tory Look.

Have you ever read the The Tory Blog ? It is one of the best blogs on the planet with fashion, beauty tips and stories about causes close to her heart. Check it out. 

Best Wishes

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Latest Updates - Color on the Fashion Runways/ Lucky Magazine Special Issue, The Top 30 Picks from Fashion Month ( Best / Worst Dressed)

The Cut from NY Magazine is a daily must read for me during Fashion Month. Three of my favorite stories are...

Eva Chen
From NYMag - The Cut

New Lucky editor Eva Chen is definitely a Social Media expert and I am following Eva on all of the social media platforms, she is on point.
I am looking forward to reading my first issue of Lucky,"Special Edition" which will be chock full of my Lucky favorites including The Ultimate Shopping Guide for the US and The Web Guide, I cannot wait to read it!

NY Mag The Cut posted a "top 30" of the best dressed for Fashion Month. Some of the old guard are on the list, Natalie Joos, Taylor TH, Giovanna, Shala, The Russian Pack... Anna of course but there are some newbies. These women and one man Fashion Month put on a show of their own for us during the Fashion month.  However, there are two individuals who shall remain nameless who are loved by the fashion photographers but not by me. They on my list of one of the worst dressed women in the business ( not Anna, I love Anna). They are two of the worst dressed fashion offenders during Fashion Month, but they shall remain nameless.  Enjoy the link and my pictures below!

Best Dressed Every Season-
Barbaro Martelo from Spanish Vogue ( below ), Carine Roitfeld ( CR Mag) and the entire French Vogue Team headed by E Alt. They look natural, effortless, flawless they are not trying too hard, amazing. 

Barbara Martelo- Spanish Vogue
From NY Mag- The Cut

Sarah Rutson - Fashion Director - Lane Crawford, edgy and cool but not over the top.
From NY Mag- The Cut

Natalia Alverdian - Her own style, love her sense of individuality.
From NY Mag - The Cut

Michelle Elie ( Garage Magazine) - Over the top but she still manages to look totally amazing. I love Ms Elie.
From NY Mag- The Cut

JJ Martin
Wear prints like nobody's business and she always looks impeccable!

Color On the Runways- Spring 2014
The campaign to get more models of color onto the fashion runways began with Bethann Hardison, Iman and Naomi Campbell during Fashion Week last month and the NY casting agents had to get with the program. Black women are expected to spend more than 1.1 TRILLION dollars by 2015 (Black Spending Power)  For the first time in decade every show I previewed on walked at least one or two black or asian models on the runway ( no other minorites but that will change).  Women have to hit the industry where it hurts, with dollars.  If we stop spending they will be more inclusive.

Here are a few highlights from NY Magazine from MARCH of this year (  little or none). Europe was still lagging behind but we are getting there. Things have got to change!! Thank you Bethann, Naomi and Iman!!

Models of Color ( of lack of) March of 2013

Have a great weekend!

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