Monday, June 13, 2011

Father's Day Gift Suggestions


There are many new and exciting gift products on the market for Father's Day this year and  I thought the special men in our lives deserved a special post this week.
Let's skip the ties and socks, here are a few gift suggestions and I hope that Dad loves them!

Living Social Deals (now over)   - Groupon and Living Social have some of the best deals and some of my favorites include the Nascar  Racing Experience at a 50% off savings or the Atlanta skydiving experience. Keep an eye out for deals this week something special may pop up!

The Gingham Check Shirt- Summer classic with khakis and leather flip flops or Sperrys, very cool!

Thomas Pink Check
RL Custom Fit Harbor Gingham
J Crew Washed Summer Gingham
Gap Gingham - On sale $37.98!

The Camo Pant/Shorts - Camouflage has had a resurgence in the men's world again, every brand out there has done at least one interpretation of the classic print.  Macy's offers a great assortment across all of their brands. They have different prints and different colors from a wide range of designers including Tommy Hilfiger, Roca Wear, Sean Jean and Polo.
Levi's Camo at Macy's

EyeBobs- Some of the best looking, coolest reading glasses on the market  at a phenomenal price. Style, style and style.

The Beckel Canvas Bag or Tent! The Necessary Bag Beckel Products

For our dads who love travel, camping and fishing,  Beckel Canvas Products from Portland Oregon sell the best US made tents, bags, packing equipment.  Dad will love the canvas briefcase, or the Necessary Bag( love the names). My favorite is the Olive Drab War Bag. Do not be shy while browsing all of these products are also for us and the entire family, I love the bags which are super sturdy, hold a ton, travel bags at their best!

Garmin Sports Watch with GPS - You cannot lose with this gift, stylish and a time saver for you and the entire family! ha!

IPAD Joystick
Dads like to have a little downtime and even on the road while travelling this could be lots of fun for him.
The IPad joystick along with thousands of games. Perfect!
IPAD Joystick

The J Crew McAllister Boot
A few months ago I profiled the women's version modeled after the original, classic and suitable for men of all ages. Never goes out of style
Presenting the McAllister Boot from J Crew.  See the leather version, very nice!
The Best Boot from J Crew.
Oiled leather MacAlister boots in dark brown

Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix

Snow Phoenix is a limited edition( 12,000 bottles) scotch made in sherry, bourbon and whiskey casks aged for 13 to 30 years. The result is an excellent very smooth scotch.

Motorized Grill Brush
Give him a break with the motorized grilling brush, which contains a steam cleaner to soften the grime while the brush takes it away.
Motorized Steam and Brush cleaner

Formula One Experience- My favorite gift because I would buy tickets for the entire family.
The History, the glamour, Fangio, Senna, Mansell, Schumacher, Hamilton the wonderful and  most racing exciting sport in the world at some of the most glamorous locales in the world. Buy him a ticket to Monaco, Montreal, Brazil, Turkey or
India. Wherever he goes it will be an unforgettable experience!!

or get him the Playstation 3!

See the best- Golf

For the golfing dad a trip to a major USGA or PGA championship would be the ultimate experience.
go to or  for information and tickets about the best about the tour.

Happy Shopping!!!

Happy Father's Day to all Dads!

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