Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Guest/Street Favorites - New York Fashion Week 2012- Classic American Sportswear

Pop Africana Founder Orowa Elewa

N Joos- Flare cords and classic grey coat, Top 3 look for me! Love the bag too!

Shala Monroque

Orowa again, same coat but different look.

New York Fashion Week 2012 just wrapped up and while it was exciting to view the collections ( loved Alturazza), I enjoyed looking at pictures of  the guests and what they wore to the shows.   I loved one pattern which emerged last week and that was that women local and foreign adopted classic American sportswear looks,  "American Classics " . Some women got it right.  The oversized baubles and bright pop colors trends of seasons past are fading. Maybe it was the weather, but I felt the wind shift back towards practicality vs overkill.

Thank you to all of the wonderful photographers and their blogs, they make it easy to track the shows. 

Camel Coat, Baseball caps were also very popular, it is NY after all!

My favorites were:

Denim jackets
Navy blue coats - sometimes with fur at the collar
Classic boot cut denim jeans and lots of jeans period.
traditional boots, high and low 
Simple knee length coats in white, camel, navy and black.

Don't get me wrong, our usual favorites were there and they did not fail to disappoint Anna Della Russo- does not fail us ever! .
but these were my favorite trends this year...
some of my favorites Love the denim jkt and navy coat- Oroma Elewa via All the Pretty Birds blog ,  Jenna Lyons - Relaxed denim jeans - via All The Pretty Birds , Leith Speer Barton- All denim - All The Pretty Birds  and Denim via Garance Dore blog. NY Magazine- Glamour Editor and J Crew Team - NY magazine

Denim with fur ( not sure if real or fake but I am hoping fake)

Navy Jacket and classic boots.

Camel Coat - NY mag, but also loved this red Red Pop but so controlled, love this look! loved this mix of classic colors Classic look,  but then Electra added some shine to her classic white blazer. to this pop of green Love, love love this! and navy with gold Navy reigns! Via back to Jenna Denim jkt as a layer again. Coats draped over shoulders was also de rigeur.,   
 Vensette Founder in White White layers.

Buffalo Checks

Simple pieces, maximum impact.

Camel and the fast on trend "slouch coat "

London Fashion Week has begun and the entire tempo will change ( more eclectic). FS guests will continue to build their fashion selections to a final crescendo in Paris which is always very exciting! I love that New York gets everyone off to a real " New York " start ( New Yorkers are very together and practical) so that by the time we get to Paris, 10 inch heels will be de rigeur.

On to London!

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Winter or Fall, black turtleneck sweater, leather jackets, booties, and fur vests are so love by the people.


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