Monday, March 26, 2012

how many bags do i really need?

the more you have the more you need. i have new gadgets and i think i need a new bag to take them in, sounds familiar? 
while travelling for work this week i decided that i needed a new bag, a bag which will accomodate my tablet (with cover),  a small laptop just in case,my phone, my wallet and some make-up and a pen. do you think i need a bag or a cross body ? i have been doing some research and i could not seem to find the right size bag. It needs to be flat, unobtrusiv, lightweight and stylish. a few months ago I wrote about my search for a cover for my tablet, i got a red cover from targus wgich seems to work well. but during my travels for work i found a new so called wrinkle in my quest for comfort. Marc Jacobs  and kate spade has embraced the new tablet and laptop culture.

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