Friday, August 3, 2012

London 2012 - Sights and Sites II

A few more photos of 'free' Olympic events, namely the Men's Cycling Road Race and the Men's and Women's Cycling Time Trials.  The latter being known as the '"race of truth" because there is no supportive team to pull you along in its slipstream - it's just you and your bike and nowhere to hide.' (Evening Standard).

Wenlock the Olympic mascot at the Men's Cycling Road Race

Wenlock’s name is inspired by Much Wenlock in Shropshire, England, where the Wenlock Olympian Society held its first Olympian Games in 1850, regarded as an inspiration for the modern Olympic games. (source: Wikipedia)

Crowds waiting for the arrival of the first cyclists - finding any vantage point for a good view 

Peloton approaching

Cycling Time Trials - Hampton Court (began and ended at Hampton Court Palace)

Spectators gathering for the Women's Cycling Time Trials

A female cyclist zooms by with her spare wheels in tow...

Taking a breather before the Men's Cycling Time Trials begins - spectators searching for a good picnic spot

I believe they're rather interested in what's going on.

Men's Time Trials - the crowds are gathering in full force

Can't doubt who they're supporting

The man of the moment - GB's Bradley Wiggins on his way to Gold! 
(After winning Le Tour de France some 10 days ago)

So we may not have a ticket for the Medal Ceremony but we can listen and join in with gusto!

The classical gardens of Hampton Court Palace - spectators from the Time Trials taking the time to enjoy their beauty

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