Friday, November 26, 2010

Charity Begins Where? Helping those less fortunate.

I know that everyone is on a tight budget especially at this time of the year. We have families to feed,cloth and purchase gifts for everyone.

There are so many people who are less fortunate, a small monetary donation or just volunteering to any of the charities below would make a difference this Christmas and beyond.
Please do not forget our wonderful pets in need. They also suffer when families are in distress.
Shelters are overflowing with animals; please do your best to help.

Please make this a family event.

 Reading Is Fundamental(RIF)
 Volunteer and help run literacy programs in your local area. The organization hands out free books and promotes literacy in all 50 states.

Doctors without Borders
 Provide medical personnel to some of the hardest hit areas around the globe (Haiti and the Cholera situation). Humanitarian relief.

Habitat for Humanity
Creates housing for families in need.

Nothing but Nets
100 percent of proceeds go to bed nets for families in Africa. The nets protect against the mosquito that transmits malaria.

The Nature Conservancy
Protects the lands and waters of more than 30 countries, including the United States, Indonesia and Panama.

Best Friends Animal Society
Amazing work folks!
Houses nearly 1700 displaced animals and works with humane groups to set up shelters and prepare pets for adoption.

Tabby’s Place
Cat Sanctuary -takes in and houses cats with health problems and disabilities.
We have sponsored at least 6 over the last few years. Updates on your pet and their health are sent monthly. Sponsor a cat.
Wonderful hard working team.

Unite For Sight
Provides donated glasses and sunglasses to kids and adults in developing countries. Very easy to give, fill out a form and they will direct you where to send your glasses.

Suitcases for Kids
Aims to supply every foster child in the country with a piece of travel gear. (Lots of kids take their belongings around in black garbage bags). Log on and drop off to a local site.

Nike Reuse a Shoe Program
Send your worn out athletic shoes to this program and they will recycle the materials to make soccer fields, basketball courts and playgrounds across the country.

The Humane Society
Give your old pet bowls, leash and cage to a local animal shelter.
To find out where
Go to the website and click on how to find your local animal shelter.

Dress for Success
Donate your unused professional clothing to women who need an extra push returning to the work force. Volunteer to help with dressing, courses and charity events.
A really great cause. Log on to find your local chapter.

Transform a life.
Give a donation to help someone in a developing country get a loan start, run and or maintain a small business. Kiva matches your donation and once your loan is repaid you can help someone else. A really great feeling, make a difference in lives everywhere.

World Food Programme

Help rid the world of criplling hunger in developing countries and countries in crisis.

Harlem Village Academies

A group of outstanding charter schools accespts volunteers tutors and mentors to work with kids on weekends.
Donate and learn more about education and charter schools.

World Vision

Programs aimed to assist and educate the poor in developing countries on agricultural development,financing and technology.

Feeding America

Largest hunger relief charity in the US. The volunteer page provides links to local food banks in your area.

Ways to help in the post Gulf tragedy.

for those going to Thailand

Visit Thailand Elephant Nature Park and help to care for animals and replant trees in the rainforest. Wow, that would be so amazing.

Happy Holidays!

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