Thursday, October 3, 2013

Latest Updates - Color on the Fashion Runways/ Lucky Magazine Special Issue, The Top 30 Picks from Fashion Month ( Best / Worst Dressed)

The Cut from NY Magazine is a daily must read for me during Fashion Month. Three of my favorite stories are...

Eva Chen
From NYMag - The Cut

New Lucky editor Eva Chen is definitely a Social Media expert and I am following Eva on all of the social media platforms, she is on point.
I am looking forward to reading my first issue of Lucky,"Special Edition" which will be chock full of my Lucky favorites including The Ultimate Shopping Guide for the US and The Web Guide, I cannot wait to read it!

NY Mag The Cut posted a "top 30" of the best dressed for Fashion Month. Some of the old guard are on the list, Natalie Joos, Taylor TH, Giovanna, Shala, The Russian Pack... Anna of course but there are some newbies. These women and one man Fashion Month put on a show of their own for us during the Fashion month.  However, there are two individuals who shall remain nameless who are loved by the fashion photographers but not by me. They on my list of one of the worst dressed women in the business ( not Anna, I love Anna). They are two of the worst dressed fashion offenders during Fashion Month, but they shall remain nameless.  Enjoy the link and my pictures below!

Best Dressed Every Season-
Barbaro Martelo from Spanish Vogue ( below ), Carine Roitfeld ( CR Mag) and the entire French Vogue Team headed by E Alt. They look natural, effortless, flawless they are not trying too hard, amazing. 

Barbara Martelo- Spanish Vogue
From NY Mag- The Cut

Sarah Rutson - Fashion Director - Lane Crawford, edgy and cool but not over the top.
From NY Mag- The Cut

Natalia Alverdian - Her own style, love her sense of individuality.
From NY Mag - The Cut

Michelle Elie ( Garage Magazine) - Over the top but she still manages to look totally amazing. I love Ms Elie.
From NY Mag- The Cut

JJ Martin
Wear prints like nobody's business and she always looks impeccable!

Color On the Runways- Spring 2014
The campaign to get more models of color onto the fashion runways began with Bethann Hardison, Iman and Naomi Campbell during Fashion Week last month and the NY casting agents had to get with the program. Black women are expected to spend more than 1.1 TRILLION dollars by 2015 (Black Spending Power)  For the first time in decade every show I previewed on walked at least one or two black or asian models on the runway ( no other minorites but that will change).  Women have to hit the industry where it hurts, with dollars.  If we stop spending they will be more inclusive.

Here are a few highlights from NY Magazine from MARCH of this year (  little or none). Europe was still lagging behind but we are getting there. Things have got to change!! Thank you Bethann, Naomi and Iman!!

Models of Color ( of lack of) March of 2013

Have a great weekend!

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