Monday, August 1, 2011

Looking your Best! Take the best Photographs on vacation. Best Photo Sharing Sites.

Here are some great tips for taking the best shots of you and your family while having fun in the sun or snow this year.

We also added some of the best sites to share your photos, enjoy!

1. Food- I would like to take more food photographs for the blog but I am never sure where or what to do. Make sure that your plate has no smudges and take it by a window, food photos are best in soft natural light.

2. Planes- Avoid the glare by turning off the flash and press the camera flush against the window.

3. Landmarks- Keep the landmark or monument to the side of the camera lens, as opposed to the center, for a more artistic look.

4. Sports- Stick to a sport that you know very well, so you know when the next great shot is coming. Use your action button if you have one for the best shots.

5. Self Portrait- Reach out at far as you can so your two faces have a backdrop and always try to shoot from above to avoid double chins.

6. Landscape- Keep the sun behind you and aim to shoot during dawn and dusk the first and last 60 minutes of the day are the best.

7. Group shots- Be sure that random objects like tree branches in the frame do not appear to be growing from the person’s head. If shooting 8 or more stand on a chair.

I have tried a few picture sharing sites and have never returned because there is always something that never works for me. Here are a few of the best for everyone to try.

Flickr- For those who want to be photographers, this is a great site. There is drag and drop organizing and an online photography community. They make first time sharing a breeze. There is 100MB of uploads each month and there is access to user friendly tools for creating calendars and cards.

Transfers photos and videos to your computer and photo sharing sites!

Picasa- For the tech geeks- it is Google’s answer to photo sharing. Your account will hold thousands of photos and offer one click editing tools like red eye reduction and image effects designed to turn gray skies blue or color pictures to black and white. You can map your photos too tell them where you took your pictures and it will display them on a Google earth satellite map.

One of the best cameras on the market, bright 3 inch screen and optical stabilization is just one of the many options from this camera.

Photobucket- for the Facebook addicts. One click of the mouse and you can post images to all of the popular social networking sites. Posts to FB,Blogger. Also has a video sharing capability.

One of the best cameras on the market.

SmugMug- For Semi Pros- for a small yearly fee you have unlimited photo storage, advertising free pages, full screen Flash slideshows and personalized galleries created with themed templates.

This can wrap around anything and keeps your camera steady. Excellent!

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