Monday, August 15, 2011

New "Things to Treasure" Laduree comes to New York, Essence, Town and Country, Real Simple Family and Golf reading for children.

Laduree has arrived!  
Momofuku cookies are divine, Crumbs bakery has scrumptous cupcakes,  but we have to stop for a minute and consider what Laduree will unleash in New York City this fall.
If you have not eaten a macaron before, wait, have one from Laudree on August 22nd and let the obbession begin.

Laduree is a Parisian patisserie founded in 1862  and it is most famous for it's double decker macarons. The bakery is credited with inventing the double decker macarons. There are Laduree shops all over the world in addition to four in Paris, there are bakeries in  London, Milan, and Istanbul among other places but never one in New York City. They will open a store this month, on August 22nd  at 864 Madison Ave, NY ( between 70th and 71st). The location will have two areas one for enjoying macarons on site and the other for orders ( mine included) .

It is said that in the 16th century Catherine de" Medici brought the macaron from Italy to France. Louis Ernest Laduree was a miller, who opened a bakery on the Rue Royale in Paris. In the 1930's his second cousin Pierre Desfontaines, invented the double decker macaron, a flavored ganache between two macaron shells. If you have had a macaron, if not well made, the ganache can be too sweet, too crumbly or too pasty, it has to be just right, the shells and the ganache, Laduree always seems to get it right.

They come in fantastic variations by season Mint and Strawberry, Lily of The Valley, Almond Morello Cherry, Granny Smith Apple and other delicious flavors.

Find yourself at Laduree this month or get on the phone and place your order!

Town and Country and Essence have new editors and this is change I can definitely believe in.

Town and Country's editor is Jay Fielden of Men's Vogue fame, Pamela Fiori left months ago and the void was filled briefly by Stephen Drucker but this is my second Fielden Issue and it is excellent. The articles are insightful and colorful, I read the magazine from cover to cover.  There is some interesting insight from Ashraf Kahlil  about the changes in Cairo, from both a colonial and present day view. There is a profile of the three homes owned by the late reclusive heiress Hugette Clark, a wonderful story about the relationship between a woman and her favorite scents by Gully Wells then last but not least two stories about Ernest Hemingway and his family. The magazine has zoomed to the top of my to read list, the stories have great depth, grab a copy or download it now! The fashion is still there but the magazine now has so much more.

Constance White has had a significant career in fashion from her role as the NY Times Fashion contributor, to EBAY fashion director and now to editor in chief at Essence magazine. Her second issue is stunning, Essence has gone global, the stories, beauty and fashion reads have a global perspective and that is truly refreshing. There is a story about Women from the Diaspora which covers black Brits, another profiles women from countries all over the world and what they are wearing,  and under Work and Wealth excellent tips for Storage Ssolutions at home and do not miss the Reader's Choice awards!  Another one for you to read cover to cover.

Real Simple is one of my favorite magazines, I love the stories about family and cooking among other topics and  now we have the same fantastic formula with Real Simple Family, it is a single issue magazine and you need to grab it before it is gone. They cover great issues from how to tackle homework battles, to fixing boo boos to schedule streamlining. Fall 2011, is on newstands or downloads now.

I was at the PGA Championship today and met wonderful author Susan Greene who was promoting Count on Golf and my daughter loved it for her read before bed tonight and we loved it because it exposed her to something new and she was counting and spelling at the same time with Jimmy the bear, it was fun.
The books are
Count on Golf- counting from 1 to 10 using golf accessories and rhymes .
The ABC's of Golf - Learn the alphabet and the game from A to Z.
Consider it Golf- Rhymes and Etiquette and golf safety.
Opposites with Golf- learn the game using the concepts of opposites.
Junior golf Journal - Track progress and enjoy memories.

Worth every penny!

Enjoy your new treasures and please send us your feedback about those delicious macarons.


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