Sunday, January 29, 2012

Feeling Left one of my favorites- What happened to J Crew?

My Farewell Toast ......

J Crew, has left me, I have been dumped. I feel lost, lonely and so darn unhappy.

 I can no longer afford any of this stuff. It has been a long time coming, they have been pushing their prices up for a long time but I finally hit rock bottom when the last catalog arrived yesterday. It is time to unsubscribe. I will have to walk by in the mall..I have to...

As all of you know  my love for  J Crew  led to them being one of the first blog posts on this site. I raved about their shoes, the clothes, the style. You know me, I could on for days about how much I love them. But yesterday was the final straw.. my catalog arrived and there it was, a cotton button down shirt for $150.00. There I said it, I cannot afford to buy a button down for $150 bucks. I just cannot justify it.
You know in this economy, luxury has been the one area of the market which has continued to do well and Mr Drexler and his  J Crew team have to go where the money is.  Hey,  I don't blame them, I would do the same thing. Their target market had to change too folks. Michelle Obama loves J Crew, even she seems unreachable to me now.  I thought she was pulling for me when she started wearing their clothes but she has pulled away and left me in the dust. Sorry Michelle, I had to get off of the high speed train.

My co workers and I were lamenting our loss last week and that was even before this catalog arrived. We all agreed that we can only shop in the sale section,  if at all.
As usual I salivated over everything from cover to cover but the button down shirt,  no, " The Perfect Shirt " on Page 098 The Perfect Shirt , hurt, deeply. How could they?

After a car payment, child care fees, food how can I justify a shirt for $150.00 not to mention The Martina Wedge Martina Wedge for $350.00 but wow, are they beautiful or what ?
J Crew had to follow the money, I don't blame them one bit, I wish them every success. It's business folks, Rest Easy J Crew.


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