Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Like a Chanel Ballet Flat ....for $12.00

I don't know what  your thoughts on this will be, but when I spotted this beautiful Land's End Bag in Sears in the Land's End shop, my first thought, Chanel Ballet Flat. The color combination of tan and shiny black and the fabric texture were beautiful and so Chanel. It looked like a million bucks and it cost 12 dollars because of the Land's End Sale at Sears. I am not a fan of clothing and shoes with obvious designer labels but this one could really garner some second looks without the double Cs.

 The bag by  Canvas and  Lands End   is available at select Sears stores nationwide.  The Land's End Canvas instore  shopping experience is better forget the web.  One of the best things that ever happened to SEARS. Maybe I will forget J Crew soon....very soon....

I have always been a Land's End fan, remember this oldie but goodie story from last year?   The Gingham Check Shirt.

Enjoy and Happy Shopping!!


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