Sunday, November 17, 2013

Mascara of The Week - Dolce and Gabanna ..What is your favorite?

I have written countless posts over the years about mascaras and my love for mascaras. I currently have about 20 mascaras in my makeup box in rotation. I have decided that I was going to play with one each week for the next couple of weeks. Some days, my old standbys are not so great when applied and I decide to try something else for a few days.

 If a new mascara hits the stores, I will head out to at least give it a test at Sephora. Many of my friends often tell me that my favorite pastime is shopping ( It makes me sound hollow and shallow). I am a very curious, smart and creative person with a talent for retaining anything to do with retail and fashion after hearing about it only once. I spent years working in an industry, called retail.  I take my career seriously, I do tons of homework, I read constantly to stay current and I want to know about new products and new things. I am going to embrace my "shopping" label with gusto and it does not mean that I shop every time I go to the store!!

So here goes....

This week it's The Boys from Milan Stephano and Domenico
and my test is
Volumized Lashes - My Test

The finished look is clean, not super volumized, classy and defined, no clumping. If you have tried it , send your thoughts and
 it is time to try their new one New! - Passion Eyes Duo from D&G.

What is your favorite mascara?  How many do you have in rotation?

Best Wishes!

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