Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Age of the $30 Lip Gloss.. really?! How much are you willing to pay?


I visited Sephora a few weeks ago and during my perusal around the store, I tested some of the lip products, glosses, from different brands. Then, I started checking prices , I was horrified....$30:00, $34:00 ..... Ladies, what happened to the cost of Lip Gloss !?
Lip Gloss lasts all of 30 minutes if you take a sip of water and zero minutes if you kiss someone on the lips. $30:00 ?!

Sephora Lip Gloss Product Range

The brands which fall into this category are some of my favorites YSL, Marc Jacobs, Laura Mercier my eternal favorite, rings in at gasppppp!! $38.00 dollars!  Bobbi Brown, Jeanne Lobell of Stila,  Laura Mercier  started the fresh face, nude lip gloss look years ago and the cost of lip gloss has grown steadily ever since. My personal favorite is Hourglass because it stays for a while and actually moisturizes your lips without peeling. But even Hourglass rings in at $28.00! Bobbi Brown has actually kept her prices in control in the mid twenties and Stila, which is another favorite is still in the lower teens to twenties price range. Bare Minerals has a gloss for $18.00.
I am think Lip Smackers may have to make a comeback in my makeup bag very soon!

What are you using? How much are you willing to pay for ......Lip Gloss.
I would love your thoughts!!

Thanks Fashionmom!

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