Friday, July 22, 2011

Update July 22 nd, 2011 NOW AVAILABLE IN BLACK! J Crew Does it Again- The Spring Must Have ! MacAlister Boots for Women

MacAlister wedge boots

Major Fashion Fall Alert!  The Mc Alister Boot is now available in Beautiful Black with the tan heel. Please note this color is only available in STORES. Check it out, in stores, it is absolutely gorgeous!
Also available in Brown via the catalog.

I saw it in the catalog a few weeks ago and I felt my pulse race slightly. This is a classic FashionMom item. The heel was not super high and I love wedges, I could wear this with skinny jeans
Calvin Klein Collection Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear
Image from

Perfect silhouette for these boots(above)- Francisco Costa for Calvin Klein Fall 2011

 or cargosBanana Repub Cargos, slacks or the new wide leg jeans Wide Leg Jeans  or pants. I can also wear it with a flared skirt, skinny skirt or shorts with tights.
This is an everything shoe. And, it was available in gray,  a color which would match with my black and navy clothes. Gray...I dreamed about these shoes for a few days but it was back to reality. They are $198.00, that was not in my budget, family and food first.
Then, I visited the local mall a few days ago and stopped in the J Crew store and I saw them, in the color of the moment, nude. They were divine, creamy, tan heel, beautiful. And they were causing a fuss in the store. I knew it, they were hot! A young lady came into the store went straight for them and asked for her size. She tried them on and within five minutes was at the register. Done!
The desert boot especially in nude is the super trend right now, any mall, any men's store window, the mannequins are wearing some type of desert boot, Clarks, MacAlister type boot in almost every window. The men's version of course is flat.
Where was FashionMom? Well, I could not resist it, I asked if I could try them on, here we go, pulse is racing again,  the seduction is on, the fix is in, salespeople are hovering giving advice. The shoes came out, he told me to sit in the comfortable chair. I put them on, I have fine ankles so these types of shoes are not always a good style for me, but these were perfect. They molded to my ankles, they fit like a glove and they were  in a word, beautiful.
I tried to find a reason not to buy them, other than the price, I found the perfect excuse! They did not have it in gray in the store and I realized that this nude color was going to be on the feet of many women, I knew that gray would set me apart.
MacAlister wedge boots
The manager would not be detered by my whining about lack of gray,  he rushes to the red phone and calls, returns to tell me that they have it in my size and that it can be shipped to me no shipping charges.
I knew I had to leave, I know that all of you have been in this situation before, the high pressure was on and I could not afford it. I could whip out the plastic and it would all be over. Oh no, that would not be good folks! Control, calm down, control....
I told him I needed to go home and look at the gray on line since he had confessed that he liked the tan better than gray. He pushed a bit more, but you can return it he said, I pushed back I need to see them and with that I walked out and escaped.
That was close, I came home looked at them again and looked at the price.
Valentine's Day just went by, my birthday is in September, Mother's Day they will be sold out.
There is always E Bay, but ladies this is the shoe to have, it is simply georgeous. If you can afford it, get it today, it will be gone very soon!!

Just a bit of History......

This type of crepe soled desert similar to a  Chukka boot was made famous by British officiers in World War 2. Chukka boots were worn by British officiers during the Western Desert Campaign. They were popular in the late 1940's and 1950's as casual wear. They were usually made in calfskin or suede.
Desert Boots are different they are looser at the ankle than Chukka's and have a crepe sole.
Clarks are the most famous makers of the classic desert boot. They made the boots for the British Infantry in Egypt during the second world war.
The soldiers needed a boot that kept their feet cool while traipsing through the hot desert sand. They also needed a boot that was lightweight and able to hold up on the brutal sandy terrain. They enlisted the help of merchants from the Bazaar in Cairo to create a boot that met those needs. The Desert Boots were made to resemble these boots and the design has remained untouched since then.
They are truly timeless classics now interpeted by J Crew for women.
Love the concept and the boot.


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