Monday, July 25, 2011

Back to School - A Must Have for all of the things they lose- Mabel's Labels

There was a mini battle raging between my home and summer camp at school this year.  I was fighting to keep up with the amount of items that left the house for school and I never saw them again. My daughter lost a her swim bag, and she is currently missing one side of a pair of sandals and the list goes on...
 I would like to approach this fall season with a keep everything you have attitude,  especially since she will be in uniform, but doing multiple activities at school,  for another next year before she starts Kindergarten.
A friend and fellow mom at school suggested  Canadian based Mabel's Labels and we Will be much more organized the new school year, I promise!

One thing  I love about  Mabel's Label's is that it was created by a team of moms who were frustrated with as they say" amount of stuff that left our homes never to return" . After much research and testing Mabel's Label's was born. 

The labels are dishwasher, microwave and laundry safe and they can be customized with names and icons.

They have labels


My favorites are the shoes labels, and the dog chins are especially helpful for children with multiple activities during a single week.  Lose no more!

You can choose your color, icons and personalize as much as you would like.

Try the Ultimate back to school pack, you will not be sorry, I am already out of shoe stickers.....

The site language is also available in French.  They also fund raise with schools, sign your school up!

I hope that all of our children have a wonderful, happy and safe return to school!

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