Friday, July 8, 2011

It's Friday! Our Favorite Places for Drinks!

Our most popular pick- The Margarita

It’s Friday!

Where in the World do you have your favorite drink? Everyone has a favorite bar or restaurant they love to visit because they love the drinks, food and the atmosphere. Or that drink is sometimes best when served at home.

People from around the globe told us their favorite places to hang and drink.  We added links to all of the favorites.
Check them out!

Thank you to everyone who sent us their favorite places.

The Mojito, our second most popular pick.

“My favorite place to drink is at home and my favorite drink is Cranberry and Soda!”

Where in the World - Barbados, West Indies

“My favorite place is La Fonda Latina in Atlanta on a hot summer evening, outside seating of course and my drink is the Cuba Libre.” “I always feel I am on an island in the tropics even though I am in the middle of a city.” “Best place to be on Friday evening.”


I must give a special mention to HobNob for their Chocolate Stout.
What a drink!

Where in the World - Atlanta

La Fonda- Ponce De Leon Ave/Peachtree Rd


“La Bain at the Standard Hotel!” “Patron with lime on the rocks.”

0 Calories. "Great people watching and views of downtown!”

Where in the World- New York City

The Standards Stairway to Heaven

another favorite

“Long Island Tea at Chequers”

Where in the World- Atlanta, GA

“Mojitos at Bahama Breeze, the best”

Where in the World – Miami, FL

“Prosecco in the afternoon, at any rooftop bar in the world”

Where in the World- California

The Best Rooftop Lounge in Toronto

St Germain and Sangria

“Crane Beach Resort in Barbados for the best Pina Coladas”

Where in the World- Guyana, SA

“Margaritas at home made by my husband, the best!”

Where in the World- Toronto, CA

“Margaritas at Mimi’s in Manhattan.” “The finest!” “A Lovely Bar”

Where in the World- Ft Lauderdale, FL


“Any Champagne cocktail at So Bar, Richmond Upon Thames”

Where in the World – London

So Bar

“Margarita on the rocks, usually any good Mexican restaurant, I love Oyamel in DC”

Where in the World – Washington DC


“Lychee martini and Chocolate Martini at Day Break in Mississauga, Ontario”

Where in the World- Brampton, CA

Frozen Daiquiri

“Fruit Punch at Hotel Tower, Georgetown Guyana. Made with fresh fruit!”

Mimosas at Four Seasons Georgetown, Washington DC|18952|four%20seasons%20d.c.||S||5947461524

Tropical Martinis at Cheesecake Factory

Where in the World- Georgetown, Guyana

“Friday Nights at Palm Court in Georgetown, I have my usual El Dorado Rum and Coke, TGIF!”

Where in the World- Guyana, South America

“Bailey’s on the rocks, anyplace, anytime, anywhere!”

Where in the World- Toronto, CA

Chocolate Martini

“Chocolate Martini by Jamal Bowen at Monkey Bar at Sandy Lane, Barbados”

Where in the World – Barbados and London

“Mango Lassie at any Indian restaurant or a good virgin Mojito”

Where in the World- New York


“I rarely drink but when I do it’s a small glass of wine at any restaurant with dinner”

Where in the World – Edmonds, Washington

"South Beach, Mango Bar….Mojitos” " it is a great mix of sexy dancers, sexy music and very tasty drinks"

Where in the World- Toronto, CA

“My favorite place to go is in my old hood (Ohio City on the near west side of Cleveland) is Momocho.” “You must try to Margarita Sampler, 3 margaritas in rocks glasses for $15.00. You can choose from cucumber with salt with everyone raves about, blood orange, hibiscus, pomegranate, yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit), cactus flower, pineapple, fig and mango.. And you must try to guacamole sampler!”

Where in the World- Chagrin Falls, Ohio


"Mojitos, Sangrias anywhere preferably Cuban, home made Pimms"
Where in the World - London

My favorite place is Panorama Lounge Rooftop at the Manulife Center in Toronto, awesome view of the city and the drinks are not so bad either..

Where in the World- Toronto, CA

"Dark and Stormy at Mandarin's Elbow Beach Resort, Bermuda.  "The Goslings Black Gold Rum portions are potent"
"A Frosty Banks Beer on any West or South Coast Beach or beach bar, Barbados"
"A Sweet Lassi (goat's milk yoghurt drink) at sunrise, or a COLD Everest Beer at Sunset, "on the windy hill" at Club Himalaya resort, Nagarkot Nepal
- a view of the Himalaya range at 8,167m"

Where in the World - Edmonton, CA

Lassi and Everest Beer

Dark and Stormy

The best south coast beach in Barbados - Accra Beach Barbados

Banks Beer

 I would love to be on the "windy hill" very soon!

Enjoy! Happy Friday!

Have a fantastic weekend, we will be back next week.

Banks Beer/Lasi and Stormy photos courtesy CCM, all other pictures courtesy


  1. Love this handy list for when I am roving about and walking around the world.

  2. Nothing like a personal recommendation you know where ever you go that it will be great!


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