Friday, May 27, 2011

It's Friday! Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Holiday Drinks Perfect for Pitchers!


 This weekend should be about easy entertaining.  You want cocktails which are easy to make and offer enough portions for everyone.
 "Pitcher Style." Make one set and  " Self Serve " near the door for guests to pour, easy!! and forget about having to mix several different drinks, these will make entertaining a breeze...

Enjoy!  Happy Holidays!

Sangria Flora

1 bottle Sauvignon Blanc or Dry white wine

1 cup St-Germain

2 fresh peaches

5 - 6 fresh strawberries

6 fresh raspberries

1 bunch fresh grapes

Stir all ingredients in a pitcher or carafe. Soak for about 15 minutes
Serve in an ice filled glass.

Strawberry Pimm’s

3 to 4 Strawberries, roughly chopped

2 full Oz. Pimm’s Number 1 Cup

¾ Cup of Lemonade

Ice cubes

Orange, Lemon and Apple Slices

Extra whole strawberries

Cucumber Batons or strips of Peel

Fresh Mint Sprigs

Put the chopped strawberries in a pitcher and pour the Pimm’s over them. Crush the strawberries with a muddler or the back of a spoon. Add 4 to 5 ice cubes and top it off with the lemonade. Add the Add all of the other ingredients including the whole strawberries and the mint sprigs. Serve!

If you like, add a ½ oz. of Gin or Vodka, better yet Lime flavored Gin.


Spiked Arnold Palmer


2 cups Vodka

4 1/2 cups freshly brewed tea, chilled

3 cups water

1 cup lemon syrup

½ cup fresh lemon juice

10 sprigs of fresh mint

Combine the vodka, tea, water, and lemon syrup and lemon juice in a large pitcher and stir to mix well. Pout into glasses with ice and serve with mint springs.

Sangria Bonita

4 oz. Vodka

4 oz. Tuaca liqueur

8 oz. Cointreau

8 oz. white cranberry juice

1 bottle Prosecco

4 springs mint

12 fresh strawberries with tops cut off

8 star fruit / five finger slices

Combine Vodka, Tuaca, Cointreau and juice in a large glass pitcher. Chill for a few hours, allowing the flavors to marry. Add Prosecco and pour into red wine goblets. Garnish with mint sprigs, strawberries, star fruit and serve.

Cranberry Margaritas by The Pitcher

1 cup Tequila

1/3 cup triple sec

3/4 cup fresh lime juice

11/2 cups cranberry juice

11/2 cup frozen cranberries, rinsed

1/3 - 1/2 cup sugar

Mix all ingredients in a large measuring cup or bowl. Pour half of mixture into a blender and fill the blender with ice. Blend until slushy. Repeat with the rest of the mixture. Serve with fresh lime wedges.

Artillery Punch..please ensure that there is a designated driver assigned, this one could knock you out!

1 quart Bourbon

1 quart red wine

1 quart strong black tea

2 cups dark rum

1 cup gin

1 cup apricot brandy

4 measures lemon juice

4 measures lime juice

4 tablespoons sugar syrup

large block of ice

orange slices

Pour all the liquid and sugar syrup into a large bowl and refigerate for 2 hours. Place a large block of ice in a punch bowl. Pour the punch over the ice and decorate with slices of orange. Serve in highball glasses!

Please remember to drink responsibly!
Have a wonderful weekend and holiday!!

Dedicated to the memory of our beloved cat Tigger who passed away a week ago, we miss you!

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