Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Kids are Lucky Too! Lucky Magazine for Kids Spring 2011!

Lucky is one of my favorite magazines and I am sure that it is one of yours too.

I have been a fan since the  first issue launched in 2000 under the Conde Nast masthead. It went on to become one of their most successful magazines in history.
Under the tutelage of Editor in Chief Kim France, who left a few months ago, some of my favorite features included a Andrea Linnett ( The fashion director)  feature about her fashion choices on the last page of the magazine. They were the first to do unique stories such as  "How I'm Wired" which was a page devoted to women and how they utilize technology in their daily lives. Lucky introduced us to many other firsts, June Godfrey's "The Beauty Closet, "What I Want Now" and  the "Shop by City " pages are now the stuff of legend, I would arrive at a new destination with the pages pulled, ready to shop. Lucky was my shopping bible, I could not travel without it.
The Lucky website is also a great destination with lots of tips on fashion, beauty and decorating.
The new Editor is Chief is Brandon Holly and while the magazine has changed the fashion features, some positive and  some not so positive,  but some of my favorite old standbys are still there and they have been transferred to the Lucky Kids brand.

Ad pages are populated by Gap, H&M among other big names, they have lots of high profile support already.

Lucky Kids.jpg

This magazine has some of the great stories similar to Mommy Lucky,  including  the " Mini Spy "  feature which covers trench coats, exciting finds from Etsy and websites for great shopping. The "What We Want Now" feature copies the grown up version from Lucky with three of the editors detailing their picks for their own kids based on current fashion trends.

Another favorite was the first story "Boxing Lessons" which details lunch kits along with packing suggestions. Prices throughout the magazine range from low to high with something in the middle for everyone.
"All About You" has tips just for moms about makeup, travel packing and even teacher gift suggestions.
This magazine is not about the everyday, may I say,  sometimes mundane trials of moms but it is offers fashion for children, shopping and beauty stories, something moms need to give them a much needed perk up at the end of the day. And keep the phone handy you can use your phone to make purchases direct from the bed, thanks to all of the Lucky App available for IPhone.

Happy Shopping!

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