Friday, May 13, 2011

It's Friday!! Samba, Calypso, Jazz ......Cocktail Music Time!

Drums ( Brazil)
I know, this happens to everyone...well almost everyone.. you are hosting a cocktail party and at the last minute you have no music.... "cocktail" music. I have loads of choices at home but sometimes I want something that is quintessentially "cocktail" party music, you know that sound..... a jazz, Latin, fusion with smoky voiced singers floating in the background. The sounds of maracas, drums.... it conjures up images of canapes, The South of France, Ipanema, and drinks with cherries and oranges.
Here are some amazing picks for music at your next shindig!


Mambo Cocktails

Stereophonics- Performance and Cocktails

Performance and Cocktails

Space Age, Cocktail Lounge

Space-Age Cocktail Lounge

Cocktail Capers

Cocktail Capers: Ultra Lounge 8

George Arvanitas Trio- Cocktails at 3am.

3 A.m + Cocktail For Three

Guantanamera - A Spicy Cocktail Mix

Cocktail a Soundtrack

Cocktail Mix, Vol.4: Soundtracks With A Twist

Tasty Sound Collection- Cocktails and Guitars

Tasty Sound Collection: Cocktails & Guitars

Celia Cruz- Hits Mix- No one else like her, ever.

Hits Mix

The Cocktail tribute to Nirvana

The Cocktail Tribute To Nirvana

Seriously Good Music- Cocktail

Seriously Good Music: Lounge

Buena Vista Social Club- The original and this stuff never gets old, it is amazing, truly a gift.

Buena Vista Social Club

Tito Puente

Latin Jazz All-Stars Live at the Village Gate

Calypso by Josepine Premice


Essential Byron Lee- 50th Anniversary Celebration.  This is a must have, all of the great songs and hits from the late Soca legend Byron Lee, from his earliest days in Ska to the greatest hits of the nineties.  A Must Have!

The following 4 albums are all available via MP3 on Amazon. Enjoy!

Essential Byron Lee - 50th Anniversary Celebration

Soca Engine
Soca Engine

Soca Royal

Soca Royal

Dancehall Soca

Dance Hall Soca

The Best!

King of Kings: The Very Best of

Cocktail Party

Jazz Moods: Cocktail Party

Hotel Costes

Hotel Costes 14

Sade, The Ulitmate Collection

The Ultimate Collection

Vintage stuff, Miles Davis Sketches of Spain

Sketches of Spain


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