Friday, June 10, 2011

It's Friday! Pucker up? No Sweeten up! It's Limoncello!

Limoncello is a sweet lemony liqueur from southern Italy. It is not sour, because it is made from lemon peel not the juice of the lemon combined with a range of alcoholic bases. It is usually chilled and served as a after dinner drink, but also appears in cocktails.

You can make your own version of Limoncello please find the recipe below.

Homemade Limoncello

12 lemons
1 bottle vodka
2 cups Simple Syrup
1 cup fresh lemon juice. 
Using a sharp knife or vegetable peeler, remove the yellow zest from all the lemons, making sure to leave the bitter white pith behind. Place the zest in a half gallon jar with a lid. Peel off the remaining white pith from 21/2 of the lemons. Discard the pith and coarsely chop the pulp. Add the pulp and vodka to the jar. Cover and let stand in a cool dark place for 1 week, shaking the jar once of twice a day. After 1 week, add the simple syrup and lemon juice, stirring well. Cover and let stand in a cool dark place for 4 more days. Strain into a clean bottle, cap tightly and store in a cool dark place for up to 6 months.

makes about 48 oz ( 16 drinks)

The Slicker

8 oz Vodka
8 basil leaves plus 4 sprigs for garnish
4 oz Limoncello
2 oz freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 cup ice
In a cocktail shaker, muddle the basil leaves with the vodka. Add the Limoncello and lemon juice. Fill the shaker with ice and shake well. Strain into martini glasses. Garnish each glass with a sprig of basil and serve.

Love on The Line

8 oz Absolut Raspberri Vodka
2 oz Limoncello
4 oz berry juice, Blackberry or Raspberry or a mix of
3 cups ice- 1 cup for shaker, 2 for glasses.
Seltzer to Top.
4 mint sprigs for garnish.

Mix the vodka, limoncello and berry juice in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Strain into a ice filled rocks glass then top with seltzer. Garnish with mint springs and serve.

Lemon Mimosa

1 oz freshly squeezed orange juice
2 tablespoons Limoncello
1/2 cup Champagne

Pour the juice into a well filled champagne flute to fill it by one quarter. Add the Limoncello and top off with Champagne. Stir and serve immediately.

Named after Florence soccer star Adrian Mutu

3 oz Vernaccia or other crisp white wine
1 oz St Germain Liqueur
1/2 oz Limoncello, homemade or purchased
Soda water to taste
Fresh mint leaves for garnish

Fill a collins glass with ice. Add the Vernaccia, elderflower liqueur and limoncello. Top with soda water and stir. Garnish with mint leaves and serve.

The Confession

8 oz Gin
2 oz Limoncello
2 oz Peach juice or nectar
2 oz raspberry juice
2 cups ice
12 fresh raspberries for garnish

Combine all liquid ingredients in a cocktail shaker and mix well. Pour into ice filled rocks glasses. Garnish with fresh raspberries and serve.

Lemon Drop

Lemon wedge
superfine sugar
Ice cubes
1/2 fl oz Vodka
1/2 oz Limoncello
1/2 fl oz freshly squeezed lemon juice
Lemon slice to serve

Rub the rim of a cocktail glass with the lemon wedge. Dip the rim in superfine sugar and chill well. Half fill a cocktail shaker with ice cubes; add the vodka, Limoncello, and lemon juice; and shake vigorously. Strain into the glass and serve decorated with a lemon slice.

Happy Accident

2 rosemary springs
8 oz tequila blanco
4 oz Limoncello
2 oz freshly squeezed lemon juice
2 oz freshly squeezed lime juice
2 cups ice
8 oz lime flavored seltzer

Place the rosemary sprigs in a pitcher , Pour in tequila, limoncello and juices.
Muddle the rosemary to release its flavor. Let the mixture sit for a few minutes to let the flavors marry. Strain into ice filled rocks glasses. Top with seltzer and serve.

On Parade

8 oz tequila blanco
4 oz Limoncello
2 oz freshly squeezed lemon juice
4 oz grenadine
1 teaspoon fine sugar
1 cup ice
Club soda to top.

Pour all of the ingredients except the club soda into a pitcher filled with ice. Mix well. Pour evenly into white wine glasses, top with club soda and serve.

Please remember to drink responsibly!

Have a fantastic weekend!

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