Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Perfect Gingham Check Shirt, Land's End Canvas vs JCrew

Land's End shirt

I love J Crew, we all know that,  everyone loves J Crew, but it takes me a long time to save to buy something from them. I stopped being a regular J Crew customer a long time ago, the prices are too high for my budget,  but I still love everything they do...until now. This spring button down shirts in wonderful prints and gingham checks  are the  "It' items of the moment for women everywhere. Pass on the basic tee this year and snag a button down and a lively color and change your look. It looks fresh, new and peps up your look !
You can choose your price range, I know my price range,  J Crew is $72.00 JCrew Gingham   and Land's End Canvas......$44.50 Lands End shirt
They look the same, they both have a bit of stretch and they are both available in almost the same colors, actually Land"s Ends has sold out of their brights, more are coming I hope!
Why would I pay $72.00 vs $44.50?
 I will be the only one who knows I am wearing Land's End over J Crew because they also fit almost the same.

A bit of history,  Land's End Canvas is the trendy sister of Land's End the venerable company founded in 1963 in Chicago.  The look is very J Crew or to be more precise,  J Crew is very Land's End this year.
I think that it is ridiculous to pay 30 plus more dollars for a shirt that looks the same and fits quite well by both companies.
J Crew has some lovely Neon colors J Crew neon check    but not to be outdone Land's End has some great colors too, I love the Willow Green Check Willow Green Check

Perfect shirt in neon gingham

J Crew Shirt.

There is a wonderful shirt made by J Crew that comes in some fantastic prints,  the "Perfect Shirt"in Casbah Paisley( see below) but I really cannot afford it at the $88.00 price tag, yes $88.00. It may be a one of a kind print and I am one of those who will think of that in order to justify paying $88.00 for a cotton shirt. It is a classic print, another reason to justify paying $88.00 but then I go back to Land's End Canvas and I can buy two of those wonderful plaids for the price of one shirt!

Perfect shirt in Casbah paisley
The Perfect Shirt, love this but I was just a tad cheaper. ....
Land's End Shirt just $24.99
Perfect shirt in solid
The perfect shirt in solid from J Crew.
Find a wonderful Land's End Canvas shop at your local Sears
link Canvas Locators( they are not many but you must visit one) and J Crew shops are located in select malls I suggest you try them on to ensure the right fit, I went up a size in the Land's End shirt but the size was the same in the J Crew.
Happy Shopping All!

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