Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Listmania- The professions I would like to try.

 The Nile - Aswan, Egypt

I am not sure about other people but almost weekly I have second thoughts or regrets about my career choices or my career path. I review my career options constantly, nothing seems to be the perfect job. In some ways  though I have always been a bit of a fashionista ; my first choice as a young girl was to be a flight attendant after seeing the glamour girls in the high flying glam heyday of the seventies. I have several vintage Pan Am and British Airways in the attic :) My career has always been in fashion, some real estate and a bit of home staging. 

The list below is a fantasy list. In no particular order but the first one is my top choice.  It is not too late for me to try some of these.....

Spanish, French or Mandarin Translator at the United Nations- This would be a heady experience, on every level, every single day. 

History professor  or Art History professor- I love history and could get lost in a history book almost daily. I could get lost in the 15th and 16th centuries.

Beauty Editor ( fashion magazine or blog)- Along with every woman on the planet!

Egyptian Tour Guide- To spend every day visiting some of the most magical places in this beautiful country would be an amazing experience.

Business Analyst- after a childhood spent being intimidated by math, I eventually conquered my demons, now I can't live without a daily analysis and evaluation all of my reports at work. I am an over analyzer that is for sure.

Retail  Consultant- After spending years in retail and customer service I would love to advise corporations on how to improve customer service from the inside out. Treat your inside customer ( retail teams) well first and you will get great results.

Anthony Bourdain's Job (  Travel and Food TV Host) - Travel around the world and try different cuisines ( I would have to be a chef of course, he did his time). Job of a lifetime.

Property Management - For a condo complex . Should be interesting working with people and working through their issues.

Reading Volunteer or Storyteller - Travel all over the country reading to children at schools. Would be a total pleasure to see the smiles on their faces.

Graphic Designer - I have a natural curiosity for web building, along with unique ideas.

now that you know how this mind works, please send your wish list, I would love to get the scoop! 


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