Friday, July 20, 2012

London 2012 - Guest Blog from London

Exactly one week to go to London 2012!

Currently a teeming mass of humanity, what will London be like when all of the visitors for this two-week spectacle have arrived?  Can't wait to find out despite not being a fan of crowds. Crowds feels like it will an understatement after my experience of the 'hordes' in central London two weekends ago.

What a great time to be living in London!  It is an historic and irreplaceable time in our history.

Of course the Games means that we are focused on sport and I'm looking forward to seeing the cycle road race as it goes through my neighbourhood and the marathons of course.  Not least of all because I'm a fan of these sports but also because I was not fortunate enough to be able to get a ticket to any of the other events.  This lack of experiencing the Games directly will not detract from my enjoyment of the atmosphere and excitement of the event.

Since this blog is dedicated to fashion and life in general, I guess it's only right to take a look at what non-ticket holders will be able to experience and participate in during the Games.  

Culturally - there's the 12-week Cultural Olympics which began a couple of weeks ago with a free concert and will include major exhibitions at the V&A (see the British Design exhibition), The National Portrait Gallery (images of the 2012 Games), Tate Modern's installations in the new space opened in the oil tanks, the South Bank, to name a few.  Not to mention to the must participate in International Shakespeare Festival.  There will be numerous concerts in Hyde Park as well.  Don't overlook theatre land as there are a variety of award winning shows to take in.

Shopping - of course there are the ubiquitous Oxford Street which has seen the opening of the new a Adidas store to rival Nike Town and Regent Streets with their additions of Hollister and Gilly Hicks stores.  But don't be satisfied with only these streets check out Carnaby Street for eclectic and unique items, not to mention the iconic Liberty and why not venture into Marylebone.  London has a wide variety of open air markets as well, so head over to Spitalfields market and begin to soak up the atmosphere of the East End.  Many of the shops will be opening very late during the Olympics and because of our location, the sun doesn't set until after 9pm in the Summer...

Eating and drinking -we do this so well.  When you're a little tired of restaurants and coffee shops, give our wonderful pubs a try.  Have a pint or two and some good pub grub.  It's not all pie and mash.

Diplomacy - Oh yes, the major countries participating in the Games have taken up residence in some of the most historic buildings in the Capital.  For a start pay a visit to Somerset House to see the Brazilians advertising for 2016. 

Gardens and Parks - the Royal Parks all have special activities and cultural events designed for the Olympics, so be sure to pay a visit to any of them from Green Park to Richmond Park, with Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park in between.  There's a special showing of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe in Kensington Gardens.

Next adventure in the Olympics saga will be seeing the Flame going through my neighbourhood as it wends its way through London now.  Hope I get a good vantage point to see it!

Thank you so much our guest blogger Domini Q from London, we love you! 

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