Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's That Time again! Summer Camp Prep!

Every year parents around the country go through the same routine, what type of day camp to choose this year ?  What are the kids top picks?  What would you like them to do?

I decided that this year I was going to prepare early because last year  we did not give ourselves enough time to make the right decision.

My daughter will continue at her usual school  for the entire summer because the camp is foreign language based. But for the two weeks off my top picks are

I would like her to learn something and have fun.

  1. Is the camp full time or half - day?
  2. Is extended day available?
  3. Is transportation provided?
  4. Where will the camp be held ?
  5. What is the cost per week? are field trips, arts and crafts project supplies and swimming lessons included?

  1. What is the total group size?
  2. What is the fee if parents are late picking up their child?
  3. What is the total group size?
  4. Are sleepovers available and do they cost extra?
  5. Is lunch provided? snacks? drinks?
  6. Is every minute of the day scheduled or is it flexible?
  7. What are the different age groupings of the children? Can siblings be put together? Ca an older sibling act as a junior counselor?

  1. How do counselors handle a child who does not want to participate in a particular activity?
  2. Does the camp schedule include a nap time or rest period? ( for younger campers)
  3. What are the bathroom facilities like?
  4. Are parents permitted to attend camp part of the day? Can parental time be bartered against tuition?
  5. Is recreational equipment safe and in good condition?

Happy Summer!!

Courtesy Atlanta Parent Magazine
Images courtesy istockphotos.

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