Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Yoga - An Aid for Infertility?

This was one of the most popular stories in the New York Times on Sunday Feb 6th.

Infertility is something that millions of women in the United States and around the world struggle with daily. It is often a very quiet and lonely struggle. Infertility and its issues are rarely discussed publicly amongst women. A visit to a fertility clinic or even acupuncturist often changes that. The sight of a room full of women experiencing the same issues is often a watershed moment for many women. You are not the only one.

While it may seem that everyone around you has an "easy" time getting pregnant, there are just as many women out there who are fighting some type of infertility  issue. Stress is often cited as a factor associated with infertility, and getting your stress level to a manageable level is critical.

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Excerpted below from The New York Times.

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Yoga As an Aid for Infertility

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