Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Paint Picks Update- FashionMom Favorites

We just moved to a new home( not really, built 1940) and I was happy we had the opportunity to paint the entire home before we moved in.

I did some intense reading and  research and it took some time, but the family was happy with my choices. The colors are all neutrals. I have tried brights before and I have had my fill,  neutrals always work and you can do so much more with your accessories with neutrals.
I wanted colors that had a hint or blush of a deeper color mixed with white.   I love paint because it really changes the look and feel of an entire room and home. I tested about 15 paint samples on all of  the walls and it took about 4 days to decide which ones looked best in different types of light, but it was worth every penny. It is mistake proof.
The paints that are also mistake proof are from Benjamin Moore, Farrow and Ball and I also like Sherwin Williams.

These are the colors we used and they all came out beautifully, the house looks bright and welcoming.

Living room- Marble White and Grant Beige Half and Half of each. One of the best beiges anywhere. Neutral with a khaki undertone, of course you could go heavier on the other color. Marble White is creamy, Grant Beige is more Khaki. I then used the Marble White in the Dining Room and Kitchen. I used the Grant Beige as background in the open cabinets in the living room.

All Trim and Ceilings- White Dove and Decorator's White by Benjamin Moore.

Den- A wonderful blue to match our accessories. White Satin by Benjamin Moore. don't let the white fool you, it is a beautiful light blue, almost powdery in the final phase.

Covered Deck( two walls)- My favorite, Farrow and Ball Pale Powder, greenish, bluish hints depending on the light but mostly white, I love this color. If you have somewhere in your home can use F and B Great White, please use it, it is a beautiful rose hint white.

Hallways- Honeyed White by Sherwin Williams. A creamy white that looks golden and warm during the day, an excellent neutral.

Daughter's Room- My daughter loves purple and lavender but she has red and navy bookshelves and a red table. I choose a light lavender violet that blends perfectly with the reds and blues. It is Violet Ice by Benjamin Moore. They painted her closet in Lavender Ice from Benjamin Moore.

Guest Bedroom- I had never done a room in gray before and I choose from about 5 shades. My final pick was Wickham Gray for the walls and Horizon for the closet. Both are Benjamin Moore. Wickham Gray.... every time I hear the name I  remember Mr Wickham in Pride and Prejudice,  it is a warm gray that will work well with golds, yellows and tans.

Master Bedroom- I went for a pink undertone. Pink is the ultimate enhancer for any room. I told my husband that he will look better every time he wakes up in a room with a shade of rose. I went for a white with a pink blush so it does not look too feminine. I used Wild Aster from Benjamin Moore. It changes color as the day moves on, beautiful.

http://www.farrow-ball.com/- available at Benjamin Moore Outlets.

Remember that some paint companies and home improvement stores may be able to match your samples too.

Happy Painting and Happy Spring!

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