Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Calypso St Barth For Target

St Barths, French West Indies

I still remember my first Calypso St Barth boutique experience, it was at the only location in Manhattan at that time, on La Fayette Street, the tiny store that sold wonderful caftans and exotic bohemian accessories and home goods long before Tory Burch arrived on the scene.
The decor, apparel and accessories all reminded me of days lazing in the sun somewhere exotic and lush, it was a real island shopping experience few stores have managed to duplicate.

St Barths, French West Indies

Calypso St Barth opened its doors in 1992 specializing in designs from far flung places all over the world, like Bali, Rajasthan and Marrakech ( think  of that famous  picture of Talitha Getty in an exotic caftan posing on a rooftop in Marrakech). And the name is not just for fun, there is an outpost on the island of St Barth, French West Indies.  They started with a small company owned line and today they sell that line in addition to other indie labels. Calypso also sells clothing for children along with home accessories and jewelry.

Rajasthan, India

There are boutiques all over the country in addition to the St Barth Outpost. A visit to St Barth's must include a stop at the outpost there. St Barth's or St Barthelemy is a part of an overseas French Leeward Islands collective which includes Guadelope, Martinique, and Saint Martin.
 My husband and I visited St Barths for one day while on honeymoom in St Martin.  I remember being terribly sick on the boat journey over and then I had a nice recovery walking around this exquisite little island with outstanding French food and stunning boutiques. The island lies 35 km southeast of St Martin.

Morocco, Marakech

The company website says that they offer "figure flattering" clothing inspired by worldwide adventure for women of all ages. I could not agree more!

This esteemed pedigree has earned Calypso a spot on the famous Target Lineup starting May 1st. _ This link is not available on the website but check back soon.

Senegal, Daakar

The fashion ads are in magazines this month and Target will sell women's, children, acessories and home accessories all in the $1.99 to $59.99 price range, not bad!

The ads are presented in beautiful corals, greens, reds with silhouettes of Marakech and palm trees in the background.
I liked the shiny gold leather poufs which can be used as a table or for seating. I can't wait!

Bali, Indonesia

Take me away Calypso!

Happy Shopping!

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