Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Have you shopped at the Gap lately? Now is the time to go and see Spring 2011

I have the heart racing episodes less now, but it returned today. Some of you may remember the last time my heart racing occurred, it was two months ago...J Crew boots episode remember ?.

I visited my local Gap today and please note,  I left with empty hands but my head was swirling in confusion. The clothes were stunning, beautiful, amazing.
I can tell you right now that the website does nothing to enhance these great pieces,

I am going to list a few pieces but you must visit a store to see them and the prices, Super reasonable!!

See below a few of  My picks
I love the "glitter for day" soft tees for under jackets. There are a lot of lace touches,  tulle and openings on select pieces. The khakis are soft in powdery shades and the button down shirts are buttery soft in vibrant colors.  It is a wonderful collection and kudos to Patrick Robinson and his team at the Gap this was phenominal. It was simple, almost minimalist collection, but had  just a touch of whimsy.
And everything looks so much better in the store and check out the sandals too!
  1. Racerback tank
  2. Pleat sleeve top
  3. Tulle Sleeve teeTulle Sleeve Tee
  4. Tulle Tee Back
  5. yolk tee
The site went down so I am unable to add additional links, maybe people have gotten the great news but review all of the new arrivals and hit the store! Today!
and here is the link for all new arrivals

Link for New Gap arrivals

J Crew watch out, The Gap is back!!

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