Wednesday, December 21, 2011

12 Days of Christmas- The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust- Adopt a baby Rhino or Elephant for $50.00 in someone's name. Do this for your children.

Forget the long lines, long wish lists, time for change this Christmas. This is a perfect gift.

This is something that will give you immense pride, satisfaction knowing that you have made a difference to a orphaned elephant  or rhino in Africa.
As we all know Elephants and Rhinos are in constant danger from poaching, other wildlife( yes lions can pose a real threat), man's intrusion into their habitats, wells, roads and construction.
Baby elephants and rhinos are especially vulnerable. They are left to die after being stuck in wells, when their mothers are killed by poachers. The David Sheldrink Trust is doing what they can to rescue and help these orphans.

Please log on to read about the life changing work of the late David Sheldrick and his wife who now runs the project.
You can give a gift/adoption in someone's name for just $50 per year. There is so much to read and so much you can do to help.

Our world is precious and these animals though large in size are extremely delicate and need the help of everyone in the world.   Even after being rescued,some of them are so traumatized by the loss of their parents and their experiences they do not make it past 2 years old.

Please do what you can from your corner of the world. Your children must understand and appreciate what nature has given us and they can learn that from you.

Do what you can! Educate your children! Save a life!

Thank you Huffington Post for this information.

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