Thursday, December 1, 2011

12 Days of Christmas List - Lucky Brand Jewelry and Fossil Jewelry

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Have you made your list and checked it twice?

We wanted to add some of our  favorites to your list, we will try to do a twelve day list. Many ideas pop into my head all day long, but I never get the time to write them down.
I hope that you love our picks!!

Drumroll please....

I think that we should get jewelry first and this is on a budget that all husbands will love.

We discovered Lucky Brand Jewelry and Fossil Jewelry more than a year ago, but the collections this year have been impressive and  they remind us of  our all time favorite John Hardy pieces. There are no diamonds but most of the pieces from earrings to rings are made of silver, gold, leather and wood and other metals and tastefully added stones.
There is a lot of openwork designs with a delicate feel but the matte metal gives it a strong edge. These pieces are all about earth and fire.  This season it is all about beetles, serpents which exude fire and strength in their own way.

Lucky Brand Ring

Snake Hoops

Lucky Brand Toggle bracelet

Peacock Ring

The collection prices range from $25.00 for earrings up to 150.00 for larger pieces.

 The Fossil company are famous for their watches but they also have an amazing roster of vintage inspired jewelry available online and at select Macy's stores.

One of my favorites is the Love Story Multi keys necklace   Love Story Multi keys necklace   which has vintage inspired matte silver and gold keys or the Love Story Multi Cluster necklace Multi Cluster necklace


Fossil also offers hundreds of charm options along with bracelets and chains.

You will be able to find matching bracelets, necklaces, earrings to make your look complete. But the fun part is choosing pieces from different collections which all match back to other items from other collections, everything is related.

Please go online to preview these gorgeous collections and I am sure that you will be sending a very long list to your loved ones and friends this holiday season!
What will I wear with the Love Story necklace?  layers just like the pieces, layer two stretchy tanks with jeans...add a cardigan and boots, polished and cute!



add boots Hive and Honey from Piperlime

Simply Brilliant, Fossil and Lucky Brand!

Happy Shopping!

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