Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas! My Gift - Acer what about a cover? accessories? ..for a Fashionista well..

Well, after years and months of budget saving ( DH) , and months of  research by (DH) and years and months of listening to hearing me raging against the IPAD users( I am anti Apple, yes it's out now ). After years of listening to my condemnation of the conspicuous consumption of Americans ( a 10 year old with an IPAD, unreal!), this forty something, got an Acer  (Android) tablet|8064|%2Bacer%20%2Btablet||S|b|15568168039 for Christmas from DH and DD.
 DH is in the technology world and spent a lot of time doing research and listening to my needs before choosing the Acer. I know that I am using one of the best tablets on the market.
Thank you DH!

I also received a camera which we will be happy to use again. After a year or two of using our phones we finally realized that everyone taking pictures with cameras had an advantage over us, so sorry the pictures just looked a whole lot better! My blog pictures will be better in 2012!

I have to admit that using this tablet, will change my life...less books to recycle.... it was becoming a serious problem and less hard cover books for my library. I can finally read the NY times and WSJ without thinking that I am about to slap the person next to me in the face and arm with my papers.  I can Skype with our friends in Nigeria and my friends and family all over the world. I am looking forward to reading all my magazines and logging notes for my blog on my notepad. It is very convenient for someone who spends 90 percent of their time as a road warrior.

For current users- Let me know style and brand what you have now and why you like it.

But the big question...what type of cover ? and which part of my fashion persona will emerge with this purchase?  Just like DH it will take me some time to decide and choose my cover because this cover will be an ambassador of sorts, it  which will represent me and my "brand"  to colleagues, friends and family. As you know from reading my blog there are two sides to this fashionista, vintage and modern.  I love minimalist clothing but I also love accessories vintage and modern.  I favor vintage and retro prints for accessories, probably an ode to my mother and a rebellion against the strict minimalist tendencies I try to enforce with  my clothing choices,  so this could be a difficult journey for me.  But it is going to be fun I hope!

Here are some first looks let me know what you think.  Stay Tuned!

Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley- I already have a purse so why not... a little too fussy?

Michael Kors

Kors- Monogrammed case- Slick, Minimalist and Shiny!

Le Sport Sac

Le Sport Sac E Sleeve

Guess Sparkler

Guess Case at Macy's

Casemate at Macy's

Case-Mate 2 with Stand

Coach for IPAD

Coach for IPAD

Love it, love it! for all of my ladies who love labels!

Louis Vuitton for IPAD

Kindle Cover from my favorite folks at Franklin Planner

Kindle Cover by M Edge for Franklin Planner

The team at Moleskin makes wonderful notepads and it IPAD cover is exceptional.


I will keep you posted on my search and final pick, please let me know what you like!

I look forward to hearing from all of you!


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