Saturday, December 3, 2011

12 Days of Christmas List- Fran's Chocolates, Laduree, Lake Champlain chocolates and See's Candies

One of our 12 wishes must include something to satisfy our sweet tooth and Fran"s Chocolates Home of the Salted Caramel  must be number one on our list. The bestselling , award winning Gray Salt Caramel is the best salted caramel we have ever sampled. There have been lots of imitators but nothing beats the chewy, salt combination of a Fran's Gray Salt Caramel. Trust us, this is the best on the market, bar none.

Laduree opened a store this year in New York, its first ever in the US. The Try the Rose Petal and Pistachio store is beautiful, as beautiful as the melt in your mouth Macarons. Go during the day but only during off hours, forget breakfast and lunch the line is out the door.

See's Famous Old Time Candies have been around since 1921    I buy them just for the Vanilla pops!  The company is based in California with stores all over San Francisco and Los Angeles. They are available at Macy's stores, Lord and Taylor Stores, Dillards and new and newsworthy Kiosks in select malls. You must try the Vanilla pops.

Lake Champlain Chocolates are famous for their Five Star Bars among other delicacies, and it is easy to discover why after a taste, of one of their   The Five Star Bar the fruit and nut is my favorite, and everything else  they offer. The company is based in Burlington Vermont and the chocolates are all made there from high quality Belgian chocolate. YUM!

Happy Holidays!

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