Wednesday, December 21, 2011

12 Days of Christmas ( for Men )- Maitre Parfumeur Et Gantier - Fleur de Iris

As we get closer to Christmas, I would like to suggest a great last minute gift for your wife, girlfriend or partner if you can get to the nearest stockist or go for fast shipping online.

I first experienced  Maitre Parfumer et Gantier a dozen or more years ago at Aedes de Venustas in New York City.  Aedes is one of the finest perfume salons in the world and their customer service is impeccable.  You can test and smell all of their scents without fear of being bothered by OR feeling intimidated by the staff. They are even better via phone.  As I was walking around the store testing and smelling  scents a client came in and asked for Rose Muskissime by Matire Parfumeur Et Gantier and its famous perfumer Jean LaPorte. I was into rose scents at the time and I overheard her saying that she found that particular scent to be unique. I decided to smell the scents from the entire line. Needless to say I did not leave with Rose Muskissime but with Fleur De Iris, which I still have to today because I refuse to spray more than a drop every month, the scent is wonderful and it cost a small fortune for me at the time.

Fleur de Iris is a blend of rose ( top note) and green leaves. The middle notes are Iris, vanilla, Jasmin and violets. The base notes are amber, vetiver and musk.  I love all of most of the top, base and middle notes and together they create a unique slightly powdery but fresh scent. It is not easy to describe this scent but I love it. 

Maitre Parfumeur Et Gantier Salon was founded in 1989 by Jean LaPorte ( now perfumer for L' Artisan another favorite) a french perfumer   The line was based on traditional recipes of the 17th century. He used the rarest raw materials to create fragrances which are the the epitome of class and are very distinctive. You will be the only person in any room with any of these creations at any time, I  can guarantee it. It was then taken over  Jean Paul Millet Lange in 1997 and he continues the fine tradition set by La Porte.

You can find Maitre online at


Stores- Aedes De Venustas New York City

Now if someone would like to buy a bottle of Bahiana for me for Christmas.....

 Oh la, la ! Merry Christmas!!

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