Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hand Healer- Cetaphil Therapeutic Hand Cream

I do not like scented hand creams and lotions.  I do not like greasy hand creams and lotions.  I have tried many hand creams over the years. The heavy scents are irritating and some of lotions evaporate leaving me with very dry hands and cuticles.

I discovered Cetaphil by Gladerma more than 15 years ago, after I started using other products from that phenomenal line.

It  is unscented and contains Shea Butter,Dimethacone and Glycerine.

It is not greasy- check 1!
It is unscented- check 2!
It provides a barrier that lasts through washing - check 3!
It softens hands- check 4!
It is recommended by dermatologists everywhere- check 5!
It absorbs quickly! Check 6!

Best of all you can get a great deal on this item at Amazon(buy 2) or Costco, it lasts forever and it really works.

For All skin types and ages.

It comes in a convenient 3 oz tube, I have them in the car, in my make up bag and anywhere else we need it. I swear by this product, there is nothing better on the market.

Try it. I am still looking for an unscented sun screen(body).

Cetaphil Therapeutic Hand Cream


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