Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Smell Like a Rose- Rose Day Cream by Dr Hauschka

I have the same problem every winter and I go through the same process every year. I notice the redness,the dry skin with  my regular moisturizer and go into a tizzy to remember my options. I use a heavier day cream to help when my regular moisturizer may not be enough?
Then I remember and scramble around to find it.

It is the Rose Day Cream from Dr Hauschka. It does not have a SPF but it is super moisturizing. My red spots and dry peeling go away in a jiffy.

It is expensive, $42.50 for  1 OZ TUBE! Yikes!

The company develops and sells all natural products, based on a holistic philosophy. The products are certified natural,even the packaging allows them to keep their products free of artificial preservatives. These folks are serious about natural ,holistic skin care.

I like the cream for the following:

used sparingly it can last for a very long time.
It soothes irritated skin instantly.
Dryness is gone.
The rose scent it is so famous for is not too heavy and is soothing.
It gives your skin a wonderful glow( rose oil). That is great part for aging skin.
It heals all of your skin issues.

There is also a Rose Day Creme Light, for those who would like something a tad lighter, but I go for the heavy, it works!

If you can afford, it treat yourself it is worth every penny. You get what you pay for.

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