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Movie Night For Kids! The Best Corn Dip recipe included!

This is one of my favorite posts because it has one of my favorite recipes from a friend. I know, food right!
In this age of reality TV and technology overload (2 year olds are playing with IPADs), I would like to take us back to something that we all would love to do with our kids.  Movie Night!
Our daughter only gets a few half hours of TV each week so a Friday or Saturday movie is a real treat!
Please find below some fun tips and great movies for having a wonderful night with your loved ones.


Movie picks

The 5,000 Fingers of Dr T - written by Dr Seuss - Action Comedy about a dictatorial music teacher.
A Town Called Panic- Claymation style movie stars Cowboy Indian and Horse, who live together and have surreal adventures.
Labyrinth- David Bowie. Jim Henson directed film plays Jareth The Goblin King who wants to keep a baby boy from his teen sister in an maze.
The Emperor's New Groove- Movie with lots of smart laughs and great characters and has a unpredictable storyline.
The Great Mouse Detective- Mystery has a Sherlock Holmesian hero, a mouse names Basil of Baker Street and a formidable villain( Vincent Price)
Swiss Family Robinson- Classic Castaway adventure features plenty of animals and pirates.
Kiki's Delivery Service- A young witch starts her first year as an apprentice and learns to believe in herself. (Japanese with English subtitles)
Ella Enchanted - Modern day Cinderella story Ella goes on a quest where she must use her intelligence and courage to end her "curse of obedience".
The Secret of Roan Inish- A ten year old girl goes to live with her grandparents in an Irish fishing village, she slowly uncovers the secrets behind a slew of family legends.
The Secret of Nimh (not for very young children)- Adaptation of  the medal winning book Mrs Frisby and the rats of Nimh, a mother Field mouse partners with a clan of super intelligent rats to save her ill son- is a touch scary for  very young children, but pure magic for older ones.
Spirited Away- Hayao Miyazaki's fantasy tale follows a passive depressed little girl who finds her inner hero with rapped in a magical spa.( In Japanese with English Subtitles).
The Secret of Kells- Ninth century orphan goes on a quest to protect an illuminated manuscript from invading Vikings.

The Sound Of Music- Not much to say except some of the greatest music of all time and a heart warming story that children love to watch again and again. My daughter loves the CD for bedtime at night.
The Longest Day- One of my personal favorites. The greatest war movie ever made of World War 2. It includes a stellar cast of actors including John Wayne and recounts DDay in different locations, England,The United States, Normandy and Germany. A great inside look at the war with language touches of French and German throughout. My father introduced me to this movie and I know many lines by heart. A must see for older children especially those who are history buffs. A great film, 100% educational but oh what a ride.
The Incredibles- Incredibly funny movie about a family of 5 with superpowers trying to fit into a regular suburban neighborhood.
The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe- based on CS Lewis classic novel tells the adventure of the four Pevensie children and their adventures in the mystical world of Narnia
The Jungle Book- Adventures of Mowgli raised by wolves along with his trusty friend Bagheera.
Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory - Adventure of Charlie Bucket and his friends who win tickets to enter the wondrous world of the Wonka Confectionary.
Cars- wow, what a ride. Enter the car world!!
Star Wars Trilogy- A must see and introduction to children everywhere, I never tire of seeing them on TV or DVD, enter the amazing world of George Lucas.
Transformers- I should not have to say more, the movies have been blockbusters.
IronMan- I like Robert Downey JR as Tony Stark , one of my favorites from Marvel Comics love it!
Sinbad ( Legend of the Seven Seas) - Love the swashbuckling hero.
Pinoccchio- The 70th anniversary edition includes lots of extras.
Wall-E- A favorite of my husband- An endearing story about the last robot left on earth who holds the future of the earth in his hand. Love EVE.
Flushed Away - Nautical adventure about a pair of rodents braving the elements in the London Underground.
If age appropriate The Lord Of the Rings Trilogy is a must see for the entire family. The adventures of Frodo and his friends teaches us many lessons on many levels and the battle scene at Helms Deep(2nd of the trilogy) is magnificent. Can't wait for The Hobbit!
Indiana Jones( All)
Zathura- From a science fiction game to orbiting around a far away planet, the adventures of Danny his brother and and friends along for a fantastical ride.
The Water Horse- Celtic mythology brings together Angus and Crusoe a serpent until they are threatened by humans.
Toy Story Trilogy
Planet 51- Chuck the Astronaut and his adventures in the land of the "green" people is filled with loads of funny moments.
Madagascar (all)
Tom and Jerry Whiskers Away- 72 minute complication of 10 Tom and Jerry Cartoons.
SpongeBob Truth or Square- Spongebob loses the Krabby Patty formula he was supposed to keep safe and has to enlist the help of Plankton. Hilarious.

Tips for great movie nights

If they are watching

Ratatouille- Have pizzas topped with the classic dish's star ingredients.
Alice in Wonderland- A mad Hatter's tea party, with sandwiches, picnic food, cupcakes that read "Eat Me" and beverages that read "Drink Me"
Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs- Big bowls of spaghetti and Jello- O and time desert o coincide with the raining Jell- O scene.
Snow White and the Seven dwarfs- Apple slices  and peanut butter for snacking or a fresh baked apple pie for desert.
Duck Soup- Soup and crackers.

Recipe for Movie Night

I would like to share a recipe for the best corn dip I have ever had in my life. It is from one my dear friends Betsy and this dip is a full meal.  She is a fantastic cook. It is scrumptious!

Betsy's Corn Dip

4 cans of Shoe Peg corn(drained)
1-2 cans of chopped green chilies( drained)
3/4 stick of butter
1 package cream cheese.
Put all in a crock pot and let it cook for 3 to 4 hours, stirring occasionally, Fix it and Forget it and or can be microwave, but I say Crock pot is the way to do. 
Serve with "scoopable" tortilla chips. 

Watch your family go crazy!  Thank you Betsy for sharing this great recipe with us!

Have a fantastic movie night!

Photo courtesy Istockphotos.
Sourced from Rachel Ray Magazine( movie critic Curt Holman) 
Friends of FashionMom (thank you to all of the children for their contributions to this post!)

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