Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sweet Dreams- The Perfect Pillow ?

For me a pillow,  is a pillow,  is a pillow. My husband has been telling me for some time that there are pillows on the market that have a positive effect on your rest at night. I just buy the ones from Target because they are inexpensive. I  also like them because they are supposedly anti allergy. With all the bed bug fuss recently,  I am sure that pillow makers have seen their shares go up ten fold across the country.
My husband tried two new ones(memory foam) last year with big indentations in the middle and  nothing has changed, these pillows have no memory ha! a good night's sleep still eludes me.  We all know that we are only getting about 6 hours a night, we need the best sleep we can get.

I was in a Ashley Furniture Store and the associate suggested I check out the mattresses( story coming soon) in the back since they were on sale. I walked in and spotted the pillows first and I remembered that DH said that we should try new ones and get good ones.
He let me sample the different types from the Guard Master brand under the name The Sleep Right Pillow, not to be confused with the Sleep Right Pillow another brand (one of many out there, you have to shop around and try them until you find your favorite!).
I had never sampled any before, so I tried three, the Stomach sleeper, the Back sleeper and the Side sleeper. Please note these are not the memory foam pillows( the ones that contour to your shape, I find those a bit uncomfortable in pillow form, on the bed no problem. These are just cotton covered pillows but the filling is different in each one. They are similar to the types of pillows you can find in really nice hotels.
Tempur Pedic sells a nice range including filled pillows similar to what I purchased.
I tried the back sleeper and my head just sunk into the pillow, soft but I felt some support at the neck. Not for me, and I am not a back sleeper anyway.
I tried the stomach sleeper, also soft and sort of cushy.
Then the piece de resistance! the side sleeper, this is my position.
I went down and expected to get the flat mushy feeling, instead, it kept my head aligned with the rest of my body. It contains long spun gel based fibers to ensure that it does not lose support for high pressure point areas of the body. It then supports the lighter areas such as the neck and spine.
In the space of five minutes, I felt as if I took a nap and woke up refreshed, where has this pillow been?
I felt the difference in the way my body was aligned immediately and I was been suffering from a hip issue for the last year, we just changed the mattress and now with this pillow change, my worries are truly over now.

Are you sleeping with the best pillow for your sleep position?
 Don't go to a Target  or Walmart you cannot test it for feel on a bed. Try a department store, or furniture store that sells mattresses and pillows or better yet specialty bedding stores, they carry all of the brands and it can make all the difference in the world.

Now one more thing left DH has to decide if the Side Sleeper is for him when he returns from his trip.. stay tuned.

Sweet Dreams my friends, finally!

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