Monday, March 7, 2011

Things I Treasure - Tracy Gravesande

This is the third of our "Things I Treasure"  series.  We wanted to feature women who are inspirations to us, their families and friends. These are women who work hard every day to make a difference in the lives of people everywhere. They agreed to share with us the things they treasure in their everyday lives,  including their favourite fashion pieces and their must-have beauty product.

These women are our treasures.

Thank you!  Enjoy!


Tracy Gravesande
Chief Learning Officer

1. My Family - every member of my family is special and each in some way has helped me to want to be and do something a little more each day. An especial mention must be made of my Mum who is one of the strongest women I know. Without her support, trust, and faith, I probably would not have been able to make the moves that I have so far.

2. My friends - who are incredibly supportive, challenging (of me) and willing to put up with my foibles. Connecting with them whether face to face or remotely is of supreme importance in my daily life.

3. Guyana - I treasure the memory of having lived and been raised in Guyana. I would not exchange those formative years for anything. The experiences (both positive and negative) have made an indelible imprint on me.

The world famous Kaieteur Falls, Guyana.
Kaieteur Falls is a high volume waterfall in the Pataro region of Guyana. It is located in the Kaieteur National Park. The total height is 822 ft. It is five times higher than Niagara Falls Canada and 2 times higher than Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. It is the 123 tallest single and multiple drop waterfall in the world. It has a unique height and water volume. It is one of the most powerful waterfalls in the world rivaling the Jog Falls of India's Karnataka region during monsoon season! The Pataro river empties into the Essequibo river which is one of the world's longest and widest rivers. Truly breathtaking!

Pepperpot is a traditional Guyanese dish of stewed meat flavored with cinnamon, hot peppers, and Cassareep

4. Books - I love, love, love to read. When I'm unable to travel reading plugs the gap by enabling me to be transported to new and different places, cultures, social events, situations and the like. Who invented the word boredom?

5. Continuous Learning - I love to learn and have been blessed to have been able to carve out a career doing what I love - supporting adults in their desire to pursue continuous personal and professional development. I consider this to be a stewardship (to whom much is given, much will be expected) and not a day passes that I don't marvel at having been given the opportunity to be of service to others in this way.

6.Fave fashion item...SHOES!!!!!

7. Fave beauty item...hmm that's difficult, I need so many. Bobby Brown pinkie brown lippy and MAC black eyeliner

8. Fave holiday - can I have two? Rome and South of France

Cote De Azul, South of Cannes France

St Peter's Basilica- Rome

Thank you!

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