Saturday, October 30, 2010

How I'm Wired- Gadgets

"How I'm Wired" and the Shopping Directory were two of my favorite features of US Lucky magazine. They stopped both of them earlier this year probably due to ad page needs.

"How I'm Wired" featured women including celebrities of all ages who detailed different types of technology they like to use in their every day lives. It also included home appliances etc.

The choices included items they could not live without in their daily lives and future picks.

Their picks included phones, coffee makers,cameras, computers, battery operated votives,memory sticks and even vacumns.

 It was a great reference point for me. It kept me up to date on the latest gadgets.

I have to confess once I find something I like I will stick with it.
I have had the same Blackberry 8830 for the last 4 years, it serves me well why change it?  I do like the Blackberry Torch but refuse to get it because of the very poor service coverage from At&T, enough said. And then all the Android stuff... so much to consider.

Here is my wired wish list below..

BlackBerry Torch- Please go to Verizon!
Camera- anything a little faster than the one we have now. Kodak is great
 Russell HobbsTea Kettle- Russell Hobbs makes the greatest Kettle Combo for tea. We would love a new one for Christmas. We used the last one so much, it just died this week. Loved it.

I love the look of all coffee makers, would have one just for looks on the counter!
I am also fascinated by the IPAD but I cannot afford it plus a new computer. The IPAD does not have enough.


What are your Top "Wired" picks? Now and Future?

Looking forward to hearing from all of you.

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