Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Five Day Test

Daily Candy just published their Mascara tests and there was not one L'Oreal mascara on the list! I hate to say this but sometimes this all comes down to who is giving them product and who their friends are.
So I have decided to do a seven day test with 7 different ones in my drawer.
Sorry, but I consider myself a mascara junkie, I have tried them all. I keep coming back to L'oreal as my pick as a drugstore brand and overall brand. They are all amazing whichever one you get.
I have decided to clean out my drawers and stick with L'oreal, Lancome Vibrating,Masterpiece Max( which you can only get from England and I have been hoarding),Fresh(inky,glossy and no clumps and Lancome Definicils.
So Day 1 tomorrow will be Clinique Lash Doubling, which was one of my favs but I think I can do without. My biggest peeve is clumping, so if they clump they will be gone.
I just tried the new one from Neutrogena, it went on fine but the brush is a little big, it left some residue on my brow.

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