Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cream of the Crop- Eucerin

One of my friends S recently returned to Toronto after a vacation in Florida.

The Florida sun, heat and sand  was wonderful for her mood but not her skin.

 A friend suggested and gave her a sample of Eucerin.

  It saved her skin. She said it was not oily, just silky, she loves it.

She recommends the large bottle with the pump, pile it on!

Cream of the Crop is available in all drugstores nationwide.


Eucerin Emulsion was created in 1900 by  German Dr Lifchutz. The first products were used to treatment cuts and burns.  In th sixties it was used solely for treatment at hospitals. In the seventies the company finally targeted customers in US advertising.
The company is still going strong today and is a favorite of people all over the world.

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