Thursday, October 28, 2010

At Last ....

Low Heels

When was the last time we saw kitten heels on the runway ?
 or anywhere else ?

I know Fashion biz women talk about how sexy they are in heels all of that but....

the truth is they put on the highest heels to be photographed and then poof gone once they get into a car or taxi !

I would like to thank Giovanna Battaglia(Vogue Homme) and Anna Della Russo( Vogue Nippon)  for daring to wear Valentino kitten heels during the Spring 2011 shows.

Ladies, relief at last!

Valentino Kitten Heels

I must give credit to the lady who started the trend last year, Shala Monroque ( Art Dealer). Chic, Chic Chic.

Shala Monroque

See Shala in her kitten heels!


Link for Monroque from Jak and Jill Blog.

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