Sunday, October 31, 2010

In Praise of Brushes

Maybelline Expert Tools Face Brush, 1ct
During the summer I sat next to a lovely woman at the nail salon who give me a  great brush tip. As soon as my budget allowed the test was on.

She told me a make up artist from Mac told her that she applies everything to her face with brushes.


Eye cream, moisturizer,foundation, concealer.  She never uses her hand on her face to apply anything.

For many years I applied foundation with a brush. It still continues to give the most natural coverage. The best coverage.
I applied concealer with my finger tips following the beauty tips of other make up artists, who always advised that warm hands help with coverage and easy absorption.

Based on the great results I had with my foundation I decided to experiment with this new tip.

I am in wk 4 of applying moisturizer, day and night to face and neck, concealer and eye creme.

 It was the best thing I have ever done.
The  moisturizer reaches and sinks into every crack and crevice on my face. \
Every laugh line and any new ones on my face or neck. The final look is clean and natural.
 I can monitor the amount of creme applied, saving money too, now this I love!

It is amazing for the eye creme and concealer application since the brush gets up under the lashes.

It may be a bit tedious at first but it is worth the effort and money you save.
As for how I can do this with a 4 year old?
Very, very early in the morning!

Try it today! Amazing results!

Walmart has some great Walmart brand brushes in the make up aisle. Great prices for great brushes.
or Sonya Kushuk at Target.

Sonia Kushuk

Magnetic Cosmetic Organizers

To help keep brushes clean, use a magnetic holder and wash often with shampoo or eye makeup remover.

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