Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What do girls want? Price range 2k and up

This past Sunday in NY times, the wonderful Cathy Horyn had an article on what women ( translate... girls with lots of money) want for fall.
She interviewed some fantastic ladies who founded, co- founded great businesses, like Net A Porter and Shop Bop.
Everything they talked about was in the 2K and up price range. Things that the average woman in America cannot afford. We have to buy food first,clothes for the kids and then whatever is left over goes to schools, activities etc, let's be real here.
But then, we have to aspire to something right?
So I decided to see what I would like to buy on my $100 dollar budget for fall.
I am already over......
First is the coat from Land's End in Camel, that I have to have that runs over 100 already.
Then, the fab stripe boat neck tee from LE Canvas that runs about 30 bucks.
The great stacked boot from Boden( $250)
The one pant purchase? or maybe 2?  The Rib Stop cargo from J Crew and the Cropped black pant from Gap.
Last but not least, the best one of all the Carmel vest from TNF, my go to item all winter!
Those are my picks, I do not know where these folks are getting their money from but it may have a lot to do with credit. I look forward to seeing all the great stuff in the mags soon!
Happy Shopping all!

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