Sunday, December 5, 2010

Best Pizza Taste Tests

Friday night is Pizza night in our home. My daughter loves her pizza with a little pasta sauce for dipping on the side.

Real Simple magazine did a great taste test.
 I was very excited about it, I knew that this was something all FashionMoms would love. 
Of late we have been in love with the Target brand Archer Farms pizzas, they have some unusual combinations,  it is excellent pizza for a great price. Please note: the pies are not very large, you will need two to feed a family of 5.

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Best Cheese- American Flatbread Tomato sauce and Three Cheese (Supermarkets)

Best Supreme- Trader Giotto's Pizza Parlanno(Trader Joe's)

Best Pepperoni- Di Gorno Rising Crust.(Supermarkets)

Best Margherita-Red Fork Margherita(Whole Foods)

Best Mushroom- American Flatbread Sun dried Tomato and Mushroom. (Supermarkets)

Best Roasted Vegetable- Frontera Roasted Vegetable, Monterey jack and Poblano(Whole Foods)

Best Pesto- Amy's Pesto(Supermarkets)

Best Eggplant- Tandoor Chef Roasted Eggplant(Supermarkets)

Best Chicken- 365 Barbeque Chicken ( Whole Foods)

Best Gluten Free- Conte's Margherita Pizza. ( natural food stores)

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