Wednesday, December 8, 2010

So Much to Discover for the entire family- Discovery Channel

It is one of my favorite channels on TV and I also love their wonderful catalog and online store.

Here are some of my favorite picks from the Discovery Channel! Happy Learning!

Floating Desktop Globe

Floating Desktop Globe

Super cool for big and little boys and girls. Plug it in and watch it float, very cool.

Metal Frame Micro RC Helicopter.

Metal Frame Micro RC Helicopter

To for big and little boys.
My husband loves this when he needs to think or blow off some steam. It is funny to watch our little girl run behind it at home.

Great for the Curious

4D Full-Skelton Tree Frog

Can be taken apart and put back together again.

I just love to sit and watch this stuff.

Levitron Anti-Gravity Globe

Levitron Anti Gravity Globe

Suspended in mid air by a break through magnetic levitation design. Wow!

Gadget Heaven!
 and Trilingual too! This could keep them busy for hours!

Tech Set Trio

Smartphone,MP3 and Trilingual remote for songs, lights and sound effects. 18 months and up.

Bi Lingual Light and Sound Phonics- sorry anything will more than one language is a magnet for me.

Bilingual Light N Sound Phonics

Phonics in English and Spanish. For ages 3 plus.

Kill two birds with one stone, counting and money smarts! Teaching Cash Register. 3+

Teaching Cash Register

My Discovery World Interactive Map

My Discovery World Map

Move a 3 D plane from continent to continent to learn about different animals and places all over the world!
Ages 3 +

Discovery Deluxe Pottery Wheel

Create sculptures even beginners will love it.
Had a motor and pedal like the pros.

For 8+

Slide and Shoot   Video Camera for Girls
for 8 and up.
Discovery Slide & Shoot Girls Digital Camera

Future Farm Eco System

Future Farm

Learn about the  the life cycle of plants and hydrophonic systems. Truly a great gift. Fot 10+

Discovery Electronic Gadget Lab

Winner of the Creative Child Toy of the year award. Build a police siren,musical doorbell. Everything comes with snap together parts.

So much more, don't forget the Planet Earth and Life series.


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