Sunday, December 19, 2010

For the Love of Golf! Women, take a lesson and change your life.

I know that it is very hard to find time for yourself in this busy hectic world. We do not have five minutes for ourselves sometimes. But I wanted you to think about this at least for the future, or if you can do it now, just do it.

This is notjust a game men play. There are many women out there playing golf but not enough. We have great role models, Nancy Lopez, Annika Sorenstam, Lorena Ochoa and the legendary Babe Zharias.

I remember when I took my first golf lesson.
I took my first golf lesson in 1997 the year Tiger Woods won his first Masters.
My husband had been playing golf for many years before I started playing. I would listen to his stories with amusement but never felt the urge or need to play the game.  
We had just moved into a home which was located near the 6th hole of one of 5 public golf courses in Somerset County NJ. Every day, I picked up errant balls and every Saturday watched as players hunted for balls in the bushes behind our backyard. I was getting curious, something was always happening over at the par 4 #6.
The urge to learn to play really ramped up with Tiger Woods and his appearance on the national scene. The Masters was the first time I watched golf coverage in its entirety on TV. My friends and family talked about his win incessantly, I watched him on Oprah and was truly inspired for the first time to try this game. His enthusiasm and his gutsy play, his drive and suddenly, I wanted to play too. My husband played so it was something for us to do together as a couple. 
And I was not alone, a lot of my female friends also started playing golf for the same reason.
I took my first lesson and was hooked.
I love golf for the chance to be with nature, I love the trees, the sounds of nature, birds and water. I appreciate what golf courses have done to preserve nature and to provide a sanctuary for animals.
I love golf because it pushed me to be more independent. I would go to the course and play 9 holes myself, something I may not have done before. It pushed me to go further in the game and in life than I had ever gone before. It provided the ultimate life lessons.
I love golf because it provides me with time for me, just me.  I have a chance to think, I evaluate professional and personal issues. I am alone with my thoughts and it is incredibly freeing.
I love golf because it allowed me to meet people from all over the world, from different paths. I may never see them again, but in some small way, they impacted my life and I impacted their lives.
I love golf because it expanded my horizons. It motivated me to travel to places I may not have gone, just to play golf.

Golf also provides a great opportunity for women to network with fellow colleagues. All of those corporate golf outings you missed in the past, should be on your schedule.

Golf taught me how to be more patient. It forced me to stop, take a step back and then move forward. It helped me to relax.

The biggest change? It taught me how to fight, in both my personal and professional life, to keep pushing, to never give up.
You cannot give up on the course, you have to make that swing, and if it is bad, so be it, you move to the next one and that one has to be better than the last.

Golf teaches you how to breathe, to settle and calm your mind. You have to before each swing or could be a doozy.

I know everyone talks about the lack of exercise in golf, that it is not a real sport. Well try walking 18 holes with a bag and no cart. It kept me slim and trim.
I can tell you that you will exercise the most important part of your body, your mind.

Thank you Golf for changing my life. 

 Please contact any local golf course or Golf Smith
 in your area and ask about lessons. And get a starter set( no major brand names) of clubs just in case you don't like it, at least you would not have wasted your money.

Your life is about to change.

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